You Dig Your Teeth Into The Mouth-Watering Indulgence

The Head Of Kitchen, A Chef Is A Professional Cook Who Is In Charge Of The Food Prepared At A Restaurant From The Moment You Order It To The One Where You Dig Your Teeth Into The Mouth-Watering Indulgence.

Chefs Are Masters Of Cooking And While Many Of Them Are Scholarly Graduates Of Culinary Colleges, Some Learn Just By Experimenting With The Spices. Chefs May Be Experts At A Variety Of Cuisines Or May Even Be Exemplary At Just One (Believe Me, Soup Chefs Exist!). If Word Travels Fast, Then It Travels The Fastest About Food, Which Is Advantageous For Chefs Since Many Go On To Become Celebrity Cooks Later On. However, The Work Of A Chef Is Not Just Limited To Cooking Food. He / She Is Also Responsible For Buying The Right Ingredients And Taking Care Of Properly Storing What Can Be Preserved And Throwing Away What Is Stale. He / She Is At Top Of The Hierarchy Of Restaurant Staff And Hires The Rest Of The Crew Right Down From The Assistant Chef To The Butcher.