VJ Rio Raj is an anchor, who is associated with Sun TV Network programme, ‘ Suda Suda Chennai A usual saying is that Music soothes one's min >> Read More... Suda Suda Chennai ’. The programme was broadcasted daily from 9 am to 10 am on weekdays (Monday to Saturday). It also presents a playlist of songs while delivering the latest social and entertainment based news in and around Chennai. Here is his Biodata.

The VJ has the presentation skills and basic knowledge of whatever is happening across Chennai too as well as events happening outside of Chennai. Rio Raj is also blessed with spontaneity, presence of mind and leadership skills. His age is 27 as on 2016.

With music and songs making the youth go crazy nowadays, this kind of programme, ‘Suda Suda Chennai’ is gaining popularity. VJ Rio Raj is not only fluent in his language, but also has an overall sense of the programme, while maintaining even eye contact with the viewers, and making the caller feel easy. He maintains a Twitter account actively. Vj Rio Raj twitter account is Rio raj (@rio_raj)

Rio Raj had landed on Sun TV and immediately took up VJ role from a prime age. The VJ has a massive fan following, especially among the youths. He tried to promote the image of a DJ as an artist through some programmes like, ‘ Your Attention Please’, and ‘April Fool Day Specials’, which was a tour-based programme that he had conducted outside Chennai.

His fans go berserk if he visits Madurai, Erode or cities like Coimbatore, etc. ‘Suda Suda Chennai’ was telecasted as the morning prime time show. This young VJ usually adopts a unique style and delivery in the show that usually determines the popularity among the general public.

VJ Rio Raj has only one ultimate criterion, which is to balance viewer’s anticipations and suggestions. This is why he has come a long way in achieving fame as an anchor. He is the most spontaneous VJ available for Sun TV music programme. Fans go crazy when they see this host, therefore sometimes, it's totally impossible for him to shoot outdoors.The details of VJ Rio Raj’s age, family are not available as of now, but those will be updated shortly.

VJ Saranya

VJ Saranya is the television presenter who comes from Sun Music. She hosts a show called, ‘ Ladies Choice.' She is cute and handles the lady callers. After her studies, she went on to become a VJ in Sun Music and took up a show for viewers called, ‘Vaazthalaam Vaanga,' on Sun Music. Sun Music always brings out youth-targeting programmes, especially those targeting women, children, and men, as it needs to retain not only their interest but also their viewing. Furthermore, it encourages involvement through interactions with their VJs. Hence, Sun Music is always on a quest for new programming, and this has led to an introduction of many new programmes over the years. In the past, ‘Ladies Choice’ was welcomed mainly by ladies who were their target viewers. Women form an enormous percentage of viewership, and hence, the programme that was established to get a call from women callers made a significant success of themselves (women). In the process, it helped to maintain top of the line ranking among music channel shows, particularly in South India. Even the program, ‘Vaazthalaam Vaanga’(Vaazhthukal), accordingly telecasted a proposed viewer’s choice, or a theme for every month, in addition to a scene-song from movies within viewer’s choice. This helped Sun Music in establishing its position, which was meant to target their chosen audiences. The programme which was hosted by Saranya was famous for its music content, and it apparently made the people feel as if it is a neat programme that has captured the snapshot of musical life. The VJ was spontaneous and had enough presentation skills. Being a youth, her program was like a breath of fresh air to the ears of music lovers.

VJ Saranya Tamil Actress