Stunt Director (0 - 12)


Stunt Director: A Secret Behind Every Stunt.

The work of a stunt director is to choreograph the action sequence in the movie and also to hire stunt performers to act in the sequence. A stunt director is a highly trained and experienced stunt performer. They choreograph the special action sequences like cars crashing, fighting on a train, falling off a dangerous cliff, etc. They train the stunt performers and the actors for the action scene. They employ the stunt man or stunt woman to take the place of the actors during a dangerous stunt. They carefully choose the stunt performers and make them resemble closely to the actors. They determine what tools and weapons to use during the stunts. They also sometimes demand for a specific camera angle or location for the stunt.

They should also have proper safety measures while performing the stunt. The stunt directors should also be able to identify the skills and talents of different stunt performers and utilize them accordingly. Usually stunt directors have their own team of stunt performers and work in a movie on a contract basis. He/she uses their own stunt performers’ in the stunt but sometimes can hire freelance stunt performers on a daily basis for a particular stunt. Stunt directors should also research on the type of stunts and the latest tools used for performing the stunts.