Playback Singer (0 - 12)


Playback Singer, A Treasure To The Song!!!

A playback singer is someone who sings and pre-records for a film. They sing the songs which are then lip synced and acted out by characters in the film. Playback singers are never seen on screen. They are mostly referred to as singers. A playback singer is trained and skilled to sing. There can be both male and female playback singers.

Playback singers are mostly seen and used in Bollywood and regional cinema rather than international as it is not a trend over there. He/she can specialize in a particular genre of music such as classical, Sufi, rap, romantic etc. they are also known as vocalists and singers .

Playback singers sing in a music studio with the help of a music director, music producer and other technological facilities. They might even collaborate with other singers to make a duet or group song. They sing usually for a music album or a film. Playback singers are matched with the characters role and their voices to make it sound that the actor/ actress are the ones singing in reality. He/ she could be singing either live or pre - record the song for the actor/actress. But not all singers playback sing for films or for albums