Malayalam Lyricist ( 0 - 12 )

Tom Emmatty


Lyricist Travels Through The Memory Lane

A Lyricist is the person who carves words in the blank musical piece. They can write songs for feature films, videos or commercials. They join composers and musicians for this purpose from time to time. They know how to create musical portions and lyrics of the piece, but a person is considered as a pure lyricist when he chose only to write the words of the song. Many of them know to compose the song and they do so for making something catching especially for various commercials or television shows like their theme songs.

They can work in distinctive places which include music industry which is involved in production, recording and publication of music mostly or they can work in live performance venues and educational institutions. They are the one who fully understand the music and rhythm and can manipulate them accordingly to show their creativity through words. They are the one who can respond to the demands of the producer, composer, musicians and publishers and act according to their needs by creating something unique for each of them.