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Meri Maa Story soon >> Read More... is the story of a street kid, Jhilmil, who is on a task in search for her actual mother. The whole story revolves around how she is able to go through many facets to live alone. It’s a heart-twisting story of a girl (Jilmil) in search of her mother meeting different kinds of people; some are generous and kind while few are very unkind and unjust. Meri Maa aired in Like OK television in 2011-2012 from Monday to Sunday at 830 am. Whilst the girl searches for her mother, her mother (Pratiba) simultaneously is in search of her daughter. Viewers become a part of Jilmil’s journey to know whether this girl meets her mother ever or no. Meri Maa is Hindi remake of successful Bengali Tv serial "Maa". The serial gained so much popularity amongst the viewers that in Bengal, the production house A and B Entertainment thought of making it in Hindi too.
Avneet Kaur Avneet Kaur was born on 2001 Jalandhar, Punjab. Sh >> Read More... , the child actor played the character of Jhilmil in Hindi. Avneet is a participant in Zee TV's popular reality show “Dance India Dance L'il Master where she was mentored by Mayuresh and Vrushali. The lead role of mother was played by Sayantani Ghosh Sayantani Ghosh is a popular TV/film actress, danc >> Read More... , a veteran actress. There are some minor changes and novelty from the original script nicely carved by the writer Kajori, director Punit Gandhi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . This serial from Venkatesh productions is an emotional story which won many hearts.
Another version of this story...
Meri Maa is an Indian Daily drama soap produced by K. Venkatesh production house that aired on the Hindi entertainment channel “Life OK” from 2011 to 2012 Monday to Sunday at 9:00 pm. The story of this daily drama show was based on the most lovely and eternal relationship of mother and daughter which revolved around the main protagonists Pari a.k.a Jhilmil and her mother Pratibha.
Set in a typical Maharashtrian family background,  “Meri Maa” is the story of Pratibha essayed by actress Sayantani Ghosh who lost her first born-a daughter Pari in a local Ganapati Mela and was unable to find her despite of rigorous efforts by herself and her family members. As a result of this accident, Pratibha went into a state of depression and her mother in-law became furious and turned against her and keeps her second born- a son away from Pratibha in her custody. Although, Pratibha’s husband and other family members stands by her and supports her emotionally.
On the other hand, Pari now known as Jhilmil has been turned into a petty child thief who now lives with her adopted mother – a poor begger unknown about her origins and real family. The story of “Meri Maa” gradually evolves and unfolds through various twists and turns and many subplots which ultimately led to Jhilmil’s discovery of the fact that she’s not the daughter of a poor begger woman and belongs to a respectable and honourable family.
The rest of the plot deals with the heart wrenching story of Jhilmil’s struggle to find her real mother, family and her own identity. And, simultaneously her real mother’s search for her.
“Meri Maa-Geeli aankein puchein tu kahaan…”- a remake of popular Bengali serial “Maa” which aired on regional channel “Star Jalsha”was unable to garner high TRP’S despite a good story and commendable performances by Sayantani Ghosh and child artiste Avneet Kaur in the role of the main protagonist Pari/Jhilmil. The other cast of “Meri Maa” included – Neena Kulkarni Neena  Kulkarni is a Marathi stage actress who has >> Read More... , Parikshit Sahni Parikshit Sahni was born in 1944 in Murree (now p >> Read More... and Ketki Kadam.
The show finally went off air due to its low TRP’s on April 22, 2012 after almost a year long stint.


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