Sreekanth Sreedharan Malayalam Actor
Other Skills

Sreekanth Sreedharan is an actor and director. He has acted in Malayalam movies. He worked in the film Kismat. He played the role of a supporting actor in the cinema. He was an RSS worker. At present, he is directing a movie. The flick's name is Seine. It is a short film. Seine is only 20 minutes long in duration.

Sreekanth is also a successful entrepreneur. His advertising agency is doing well. Sreekanth has also been a part of other projects like Ayaal Njanalla Click to look into! >> Read More... Ayaal Njanalla and even Bibleo. He fell under the influence of RSS activities during his preparation for the film Kismath. When it came to directing, it was no surprise that Sreekanth decided to branch out into other aspects of film-making. He does not believe in tagging his venture, Seine, as a short-film. He holds on to the belief that the film has all the traits of a full-fledged movie. He feels that all the elements, whether music, editing, effects or visuals are taken care of like in the movies. It deals with the dark matter of alcohol addiction and money depravity. It also has parts about the loss of friendship. He made it a point to choose theater actors in his film because of their versatility. He fit into the role of a director very easily, especially due to his previous association with the industry.

Sreedharan has very progressive beliefs. His next project highlights various Transgender issues. He plays a Muslim character in the film. The movie bears the title Eratta Jeevitham, and the director is Suresh Narayanan. He enjoys taking up movies that have a social message. He feels that movies that do not leave behind something to think about are a waste. Even commercially successful films may not feel important to him if they do not have a social issue. He believes that the growth and development of his character are of utmost importance, whether onscreen or off-screen. Although, on a practical note, he also admits that if the Budget of a movie could grant success, then he would willingly be a part of it. It is not about his greed for cash, but rather about his survival in the industry. He needs to stay relevant.

Sreedharan is also working very hard on his advertising venture. He says that advertisements are a creative extension of cinema. He channels all his creativity and his innovative ideas to fuel this company. Switching roles comes quickly to him, whether from a director to ad guru, or actor to director. He moves about effortlessly. He wishes to continue spreading social awareness through all mediums possible.