Jayaprakash Kulur is a prominent writer and actor. He belongs to Kozhikode in Kerala, India. He had the honor of being born there and continue living in Kozhikode to current times. As a child, Jayaprakash went to St. Joseph's Male High School. He later went on to study at Malabar Christian Missionary College, Government Law College, and Devagiri's St. Joseph's College. He was a class A student everywhere.

Despite having a law background he got heavily invested in theater and playwriting. Following his father's steps, he was a tax practitioner and also an advocate. He has spent time working with All India Radio for quite a few years. He has a diverse skill set that has been an enabler to him to branch into various other fields.

His first play was Quack Quack that he wrote at the mere age of 19. Due to the advanced nature of his writing, the drama did not garner as much of audience support then as compared to the fame it has now. He is a brilliant writer who has a keen sense of observation. He is famous for his works that found their way to various theater platforms. He involves himself in all spheres of dramatics, whether it is acting, directing, playwriting or even training actors.

He is an inspiration to everyone aspiring to carve a niche for them in this dying form of art. The Sangeet Natak Academy presented him an Award for the 18 Natakangal. He even received recognition for the same work by the Pushpashree Award. Amongst his most prolific works are Ottakam, Jodi, Aidondli Aidu and Shirlo. He achieved all this without any background in theater or plays. He has not been a part of any drama school and has no formal coaching in the field. Kulur is a part of the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community (GSB). He is extremely proficient in Malayalam and Konkani. This talent is in spite of the fact that Malayalam was not his mother tongue and he had to dedicate a lot of time mastering it. He is so well-versed in it now that he writes his plays in Malayalam. This just proves his dedication.

His wife's name is Anupama. He is now 61 years old. The last 40 years of his life have all been about his passion for theatrics. He wishes to continue in this profession as opposed to going into mainstream films of other performance arts. He believes that the stage is the only way to break the walls between an actor and the audience. Jayaprakash wants to continue pushing the boundaries and breaking the barriers. It is the experimental nature of this art that appeals to him the most.

Sreekanth Sreedharan Malayalam Actor

Sreekanth Sreedharan

Sreekanth Sreedharan is an actor and director. He has acted in Malayalam movies. He worked in the film Kismat. He played the role of a supporting actor in the cinema. He was an RSS worker. At present, he is directing a movie. The flick's name is Seine. It is a short film. Seine is only 20 minutes long in duration. Sreekanth is also a successful entrepreneur. His advertising agency is doing well. Sreekanth has also been a part of other projects like Ayaal Njanalla and even Bibleo. He fell under the influence of RSS activities during his preparation for the film Kismath. When it came to directing, it was no surprise that Sreekanth decided to branch out into other aspects of film-making. He does not believe in tagging his venture, Seine, as a short-film. He holds on to the belief that the film has all the traits of a full-fledged movie. He feels that all the elements, whether music, editing, effects or visuals are taken care of like in the movies. It deals with the dark matter of alcohol addiction and money depravity. It also has parts about the loss of friendship. He made it a point to choose theater actors in his film because of their versatility. He fit into the role of a director very easily, especially due to his previous association with the industry. Sreedharan has very progressive beliefs. His next project highlights various Transgender issues. He plays a Muslim character in the film. The movie bears the title Eratta Jeevitham, and the director is Suresh Narayanan. He enjoys taking up movies that have a social message. He feels that movies that do not leave behind something to think about are a waste. Even commercially successful films may not feel important to him if they do not have a social issue. He believes that the growth and development of his character are of utmost importance, whether onscreen or off-screen. Although, on a practical note, he also admits that if the Budget of a movie could grant success, then he would willingly be a part of it. It is not about his greed for cash, but rather about his survival in the industry. He needs to stay relevant. Sreedharan is also working very hard on his advertising venture. He says that advertisements are a creative extension of cinema. He channels all his creativity and his innovative ideas to fuel this company. Switching roles comes quickly to him, whether from a director to ad guru, or actor to director. He moves about effortlessly. He wishes to continue spreading social awareness through all mediums possible.


Anand Bal

Anand Bal is an actor known for his role in the 2016 film, Kismat. Kismat was a Malayalam romantic drama comedy. Anand's father's name is AP Sai Narayanan. Given that his father was the President of Rotary International, Anand was a diligent student. Studies had utmost priority over anything else. His mother's name is Usha. Anand had a simple childhood and had all the comforts and luxuries available. His nickname is Sussa and all his loved ones call him that affectionately. He identifies as a feminist and stands up for causes and issues that plague womankind. He spreads awareness about consent and shaming. He is an animal lover and does not eat meat. He is a supporter of Jallikattu. He is a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons. Bal is also heavily involved in go green initiatives and tries to spread the message about caring for the Earth and the environment. He is an adventure freak and plans to participate in extreme sports like skydiving or tailgating. Anand is well connected in the industry and uses his fame and influence to also promote other struggling actors and directors. He is a good friend and a very amiable person. He has strong opinions about the farmer suicides. Anand is extremely interested in current happenings around the world, especially related to politics. His favorites are the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the former Indian President, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He set off his acting career in 2001 with his first short film, Boorshaw. It was a creation of Linish BK. Both the actor and director are still on good terms even after 16 years and wish to continue work on a new project. His favorite actor is Will Smith owing to his character portrayal in The Pursuit of Happiness. Bal also likes Matthew McConaughey. He is a fan of the eminent writer George Carlin. He is a Hindu but not rigid in his beliefs. He believes in the teachings of Sadhguru, who preaches Universal love and Brotherhood. Anand is well-connected to the Kerala film community. He often attends their Award and similar Festivals. Bal hates smoking. He supports all those who follow their passion and goes out of his way to help them. Those chasing their dreams find a good and lasting friend in him. He wishes to use his success as a platform to spread and talk about issues like environment and women problems. He also shares information about acting workshops. He looks up to Kamal Hassan as his idol.

Anand Bal Malayalam Actor