Rajeev Alunkal is an Indian Lyricist and Poet. He works in the Malayalam Film Industry. Rajeev was born on the 17th of August in the year 1973. He is from Alappuzha, Kerala. His father’s name is Kandanatt S. Madhavan, and his mother’s name is Karuvally R. Indira. AT the very young age, Rajeev lost his parents and a younger brother.

He wrote his first poem at the age of 14 for Nair Service Society’s Service Weekly Magazine. That poem won the Mannam trophy for The Best Upcoming Poet. Rajeev turned into a professional Lyricist in 1994. He penned lyrics for almost 1000 songs in Theatre Plays, and about 2000 songs for TV serials and Audio albums. 

Venu V Desom Malayalam Actor

Venu V Desom

Venu V Desom is a Poet, Lyricist, translator, and novelist. He has Indian Nationality. He writes poetry in the Malayalam Language. He was the only poet to write poems in the Malayalam Language. He is also the recipient of several awards. He was born in May, and the year 1959. He was born in Desam district, Aluva, states of Kerala, India. Aluva is an industrial center in the state of Kerala. His residence is in Darpanna, West Desam. He is also the gazal writer by profession. He did writing, poetry, translation, and lyrics for different projects. He wrote poetry NilaykkathaKazhchakal in the year 1991, Aadiroopangal in the year 1981, Rathribhootham in the year 1983, Dhyani in the year 2002, Mohaandhakaarasanchaari in the year 2011. He writes novels like Russian Christhu in the year 2016, Priyappetta Leo in the year 2016, Pranayajeevitham in the year 2018, and Ariyappedatha Dostoyevsky. He is the translator also, so he translated many works of other prominent writers. Therefore, he did the writing of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Osho, Khalil Jibran, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Vladimir Korolenko, and Schopenhauer. His spouse name is AshaVenu. He did the translation of 14 books of Dostoevsky. His novel includes The Raw Youth, Idiot, Eternal Husband, Gentle Spirit, Crime and punishment, Dream of Ridiculous man, and Memories of Anna Dostoyevsky. He did three books for Leo Tolstoy, and one other is Memories of Sophia Tolstoy. ‘Memories of Sophia Tolstoy' has not published yet. He did Mystic works of Tagore, Khalil Gibran, Lalleshwari, and Jnaneshwar. He made lyrics for the first Malayalam gazal album named as ‘Pranamam' in the year 1998. Umbayee sang it. Venu also set the lyrics for the Capachino 2017. P Jayachandran sang the lyrics. Venu is the recipient of Kesari Award, Khazak Award, and Prof KaliyathDamodaranPuraskaram in the year 2016. He also won the award for the contribution to Malayalam from Adwaithasram Centenary Committee in thy year 2014. Venu V. Desom will also read portions from Changampuzha'sRamanan, the work that changed the sensibilities of Malayalam literature in the MoozhikulamSala event on October 17. It was the occasion of the first day ‘Thula'm in the Malayalam Year 1181. On this evening set a unique emergence of events like full moon, Sankranti, lunar eclipse and birth anniversary of legendary poet Valmiki. Priyappetta Leo is the novel based on Leo Tolstoy.