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Srinda Ashab Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 23 May 1986

Age Now 38

Srinda Ashab - (Movie Actress)

Bhama Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 23 May 1988

Age Now 36

Bhama - (Movie Actress)

Shamna Kasim Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 23 May 1989

Age Now 35

Shamna Kasim - (Movie Actress)

Padmarajan Malayalam Director
Born: 23 May 1945

Lived For 45 Years

Padmarajan - (Director)

Srinath Rajendran Malayalam Director
Born: 23 May 1984

Age Now 40

Srinath Rajendran - (Director)

Haritha Balakrishnan Malayalam Singer
Born: 23 May 1992

Age Now 32

Haritha Balakrishnan - (Singer)

CS Venkiteswaran Malayalam Writer
Born: 23 May 1956

Age Now 68

CS Venkiteswaran - (Writer)



A poet is a person who creates poetry. A poet describes everything in their own form known as poetry. They see the world from a different prospective than most of us describe what they see in their poetries. The poetry of a poet consists of either expressing ideas in a literal sense, means writing for a specific event or place, or writing metaphorically. 

Poets are present since the earliest times of the human history and nearly in all languages and cultures. The poets have created works which are in different cultures and periods. With changing society and civilization, poets have used many different styles and techniques which creates a distinguishing factor for these poets across the time period.Poets have held an important role in the history of every civilization and varied drastically through them.

Every kingdom has their group of poets who had written the accounts for the lifestyles of their time period which is used today to discover many new facts about the lifestyles of that time period.