Unlike for many people who choose their career or seek their fortune in the cinema industry, Parvathy Nambiar had her opportunities behind the screens in Malayalam through Lal Jose Best known in Malayalam cinema, Lal Jose is a film >> Read More... Lal Jose . She starred as the heroine of the movie ‘Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal.’ She is one among the inevitable personalities in the Malayalam cinema industry. She has played her role efficiently in the film ‘Careful’ directed by V K Prakash, which will soon picture on the screens in the year of 2017. Also, her action behind the scenes of the film ‘ Leela Click to look into! >> Read More... Leela ’ which screens about a relationship between a mahout and an orphan girl and in a horror type movie ‘Ghostvilla’ was stupendous that she had to give her very best to prove herself in Mollywood in 2016.

She stood in the third position in a reality acting show-Mammootty The best actor where she coaxed many hearts into the fact that her acting could fit into any kind of incident and she is a material of the cinema industry. Her interest strived its way through the traditions of India in the classical dances and as a theater artist, she knew her way through all the lights and cameras and actions. She is equipped with the traditional dances like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Kathakali, and Koodiaattam. She desires to master various types of dances and become a professional dancer and could spread the traditions of India through her dances. Koodiattam seemed to be one of the toughest dance forms in Kerala, and she managed to train herself with that art form, which eventually describes her guts and her passion for dance.

She has performed many shows as a dancer with the actor Vineeth who is also good at classical dancing. Her dance practices were done initially in the temples which uplifted her confidence and energy and her interest in dancing arose. Her dramatic performance in the show ‘Makhara Dhwajan’ directed by Prashanth Narayan, has played its role on the perfection list. She also showed herself in a prominent role in ‘Rajamma @ Yahoo’ directed by Reghu Rama Varma Reghu Rama Varma is a Malayalam film director for >> Read More... Reghu Rama Varma . Parvathy is predominantly recognized for the film ‘Leela’ and dedicates her acting skills only to Mollywood. She is a young actress and feels that there is yet to master and believes in herself to achieve more in her theater and can stop only when the people remember you for playing your tunes and dancing to your rhythms. Her interest in the traditional dances of India has added a feather on her hat in the cinema industry.