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Ani Sasi

Other names of Ani Sasi: Ani Iruppam Veedu Sasi
Malayalam Director Ani Sasi

Ani I V Sasi is an upcoming Indian Director and Editor, known for his contribution to the Malayalam film Industry. He has worked on a series of widely-watched movies throughout his career in Mollywood. Ani graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola College, where he studied Visual Communication. He spent his formative years drawing inspiration from his father I V Sasi, one of the film industry’s leading figures. He participated in several local stage and street theatrical productions and learned the finer aspects of film directing. He began his journey in professional cinema as an assistant to the director, Priyadarshan, in films like ‘ Geetanjali Story Soon >> Read More... ’ and ‘Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham.’ During this period, he also worked on the screenplay and the story of many of these productions. He has worked with leading production houses such as ‘Four Frames Entertainment’ and ‘Full House Entertainment.’ His first independent work as a director and writer was in the short film titled Maya in 2017. He has also ventured into other South Indian film industries and is gradually working his way to be a director of big-budget commercial films.



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