Saju Kodiyan is a famous comedy actor in Malayalam television and film industry. He started his acting career through dramas and stage shows and now is a very popular actor in Malayalam film industry. Saju started with acting in dramas and through one of his drama “Swathanthrintynte Sangaganam” by Sangeetha Nadaka academy, he entered into the mimcry field. The drama was a political one and the chief minister E K Nayanar at that time gave the troop permission to perform that drama throughout different stages in Kerala. During their travelling from one stage to another Saju tried to make everyone happy by imitating sounds. At first he didn’t imitated the sounds of actors and one of his friends suggested him to mimcry field, later he tried and successfully rendered all of them.
Saju Kodiyan is famous for his Aminathatha role in Harisree’s micmicry shows.Aminathatha is female Muslim role and he acted it beautifully.Saju got Aminathatha role by chance and his sound blended perfectly with the character. Saju did a lot of stages inside and outside India and is famous for his Aminathatha. Saju imitated the earlier prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee and it was a super hit. All audience wants Saju to perform Aminathatha and Vajpayee again and again .He also imitated Usha Uthup Song ‘Ramba Ho’ from the movie Armaan mesmerizes a >> Read More... Usha Uthup and Saju still remembers the experience with Usha didi. During one of their stage shows in Germany Saju dressed up like Usha didi and she suddenly met him who dressed up like her. She then told him that the makeup was not correct and she herself gave her bindi, ornaments to Saju and set him as a real Usha uthup.
Actor Nadir shah gave him a break through mimicry field and later Saju started doing shows like Cinemala in Asianet and it is a show that is on the Guinness book of records. The cinemala made Saju popular and he started getting movies.He did fantastic roles in Paranthu,Kanaka Simhasanam (2006), Thillana Thillana(2003) And Vamanapuram Bus Route (2004). Raag Rangeela Click to look into! >> Read More... Raag Rangeela -2015(Now In Talkies).