Malayalam Comedian ( 0 - 12 )

Biju Kuttan

Master Ajas


Comedian Make "People Laugh Loud"

According to a famous quote “A comic says funny things, but a comedian says things funny” so a comedian is the one who provides the comic element to the film or a reality show. They know how to entertain the people throughout the cinema through showing some comical situations or by acting like a fool. The person might also address people directly like on a live show by cracking some jokes, they were referred as the humorist. They know how to provide relief between intense movie scenes and make people laugh out loud.

They have the ability to transform any situation into a comical one by employing pop comedy. But getting established as a comedian is a quite difficult task as they have to go through various auditions and sometimes have to learn different styles of comedy to keep up with the given script. They sometimes apart from performing also have to write the comedy scenes in collaboration with the playwright.