Sheershika Kasaravalli Kannada Actress

Sheershika Kasaravalli, the niece of noted film director Girish Kasaravalli Girish Kasaravalli took birth on December 3, 1950. >> Read More... Girish Kasaravalli made her mark with the Kannada serial Ellaranthalla Namma Raji where she took up the role of a Raji who is dark and not good looking. Though the newbie actors look for glamorous roles, Sheershika opted for a well scripted role which won her lots of fans across Karnataka.

The talented actress studied in Shimoga and had displayed her talent right from her school days .She used to participate in all the extracurricular activities like song, dance and plays. She completed her and then her MBA. Along with her post graduation degree she stood first in Classical Music senior Exam.

Sheershika then came to Bangalore to pursue her career but her acting instincts took over and she landed a small role in Mumbelagu after meeting the producer of the serial. Post her debut role she featured in Ellaranthalla Namma Raji and Chitra Leka television serials.

She also promoted an online news portal called Kannada Times which featured personalities who have made their mark in various fields in Karnataka and abroad.

She also acted in a movie directed by Sandeep Malani called 'Yella Ok! Loan Yaake? in 2010. The actress does not limit herself to acting in serials and movies but also gives dance performances.