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Kannada Movie Actor Vaijanath Biradar
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Born in a village in the district of Bidar, Karnataka, Vaijanath Biradar was raised in a joint family. He was a veteran actor, who filmed more than 350 movies in the Kannada film industry. His family possessed lands in their hometown of Tegampur in Balki taluk of Bidar district. Biradar stated that he had an obsession with acting since his childhood, which was responsible for the loss of focus in his studies. He ran away from home to join a theater company.

At present, he is a 70+ year-old actor who has acted in more than 350 films. A few of the movies acted by Vaijanath Biradar were Kashinath’s Love Training and Mata. Mata is a movie that is centred on the theme of obtaining enlightenment by overcoming emotions such as anger, lust and desire. Here Biradar was seen acting as Siddha, who is an apprentice who was born in a cemetery and hence isn’t disturbed in the presence of corpses.

For the movie, Kanasemba Kudureyaneri, Vaijanath Biradar won the Golden Wheel Award for Best Actor at the 2011 India Imagine film festival in Madrid, Spain. He is known to have a humble character and a hard-working nature.


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