Earlier Sandalwood industry was not considered as better and stronger than Tamil or Telugu film industries, but it is not the case anymore. Sandalwood is progressing rapidly and is somehow dominating the whole South Indian film industry. Veeresh is one of the Kannada actors who belongs to this industry and has somewhat contributed to this fast progression and proved that Sandalwood also has the potential to take over the film industry by storm. Veeresh is an Indian actor who was born in South India and has acted in a couple of films.

Veeresh has been a part of Sandalwood industry since the 80’s. He started his journey by doing small roles but then began to portray pivotal characters in the films. Veeresh first appeared in the Kannada film, Thayi Kanasu, which released in the year 1985. It was directed by Vijay and famous stars like Sumalatha, Charanraj also worked in this flick. Although Veeresh had a minor role in Thayi Kanasu, he managed to bag roles in other movies. His next flick was in the year 1987 titled, Anthima Theerpu. Anthima Theerpu starred celebrities like Bharathi, Geetha, Ambarish and several others. Prematharanga was another movie by B.P. Rajashekhar in which Veeresh worked and that too in a prominent role. Prematharanga was a romantic movie and Veeresh, T N Balakrishna, Soumyashree played the main roles.

Veeresh became famous when he acted in the film titled, Hosa Love Story. Hosa Love Story is a Kannada language film which hit the theaters in the year 1993. Veeresh, Megha were the main actors in this film directed by Veeresh. Veeresh comes across as a man of many talents as he has not only worked as an actor but also as a director. Hosa Love Story’s songs became popular among the audience of that time. Veeresh also worked in the films like Veera Parampare and Dushta.

Veeresh almost disappeared from the Kollywood industry for a few years as after Hosa Love Story in 1993; he acted in Veera Parampare in the year 2010. Veera Parampare revolved around the story of Varade Gowda who was given the status of God in the village, and he fights for the cause of farmers present in the village which earned him several enemies. Dushta is also another film in which Veeresh had worked. Veeresh recently worked in the movie, Dandu.