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Mahesh Rao was born on 14th February 1982 in Bangalore Karnataka, India. He is an Indian Kannada film director, screenwriter, and lyricist. Mahesh preferably works for the Kannada film industry. He did his schooling from St. Joseph's High School Bangalore. He completed his graduation from PES College at Bangalore. He started building up his career from his school days by joining the drama classes. He dramatized in various dramas like C.R Simha’s Vedika and Snehasaamooham, Nataranga, Samudhaya, and lot more.

Mahesh started his career in directorial films as an assistant director to K.M Chaitanya for his various TV shows. He even acted in Veteran, a TV serial named Joku joke. He then again got the position of assistant director and also as an actor for the TV shows Godhooli, Yava Janmada Maithri, and Thulasi for almost six years simultaneously.

His first TV show to direct was “Utsava.” Then he worked with four TV shows as the screen-writer such as Chikkamma, Lakumi, Putta Gowri Maduve, and Akka. His directorial, as well as screen-script films, include Dheemaki in 2008. In the year 2011, he depicted Murali meets Meera and Bhadra as well.

Then in the year 2012, he made his next movie case no.18/9. In the year 2014, he directed two films together, namely Endendu Ninagagi and Kwatle Satisha. Again in the year 2016, his two directorial films came namely Prachanda, Santhu Straight Forward Click to look into! >> Read More... . He even worked with various other directors like Prakash, Tarak, Khushi Khushiyagi, Vaare Vah, and many more.

He worked other films as a screenwriter and dialogue writers such as Vijayalaakshmi Singh, Yogi G Raj, Gokula, Prakash, and more. He has always been focused on his career and is looking forward to getting more projects this year so that he can outshine himself. He believes in hard work rather than lucky.


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