Karthik Shetty

Other names of Karthik Shetty: Kartik Shetty

Karthik Karthik is well known for his Romantic look and ac >> Read More... Karthik Shetty is an India actor and director who hails from Mumbai, India. He was born on July 4, 1987, for Vijay Shetty Vijay Shetty has been associated with a well-known >> Read More... Vijay Shetty and Sulatha Shetty. His parents are basically from Udupi and Karkala, Karnataka. He is famous for his Marathi movie "Than Than Gopal".


He started his education in Don Bosco V Don Bosco is Tamil film industry editor turned d >> Read More... Don Bosco school located in Mumbai, India. Then it's known to have later continued with Jai Hind College. He then found his inclination towards his acting skills and got himself enrolled in the Film school in Mumbai. He started his acting career in Marathi and many Tulu movies. He is one of the recognized child theater artists. He is highly talented with an experience of learning martial arts in Mua Thai in Singapore. He has also pursued many known courses in scriptwriting and direction. He is also known to be a very far off relative is Kannada famous singer, Guru Kiran. He is often referred as multi-talented, for his interest and his achievements in the rare sport called Polo.


Karthik Shetty is known to have entered the film industry by a Marathi movie "Bhakti Heech Khari Shakti" released in the year 2006. Although he made his Marathi debut, he is known for his acting in Kannada movies and is referred as a Kannada actor. His acting skills were highly significant in the Kannada movie "Karthik", that released in 2011. And the movie "Agni Mushti", that related in 2012. He has portrayed his characters with almost excellence.

Another Version Of Karthik Shetty:

Karthik Shetty is an actor and filmmaker in the Indian film industry, and has worked in different languages. He was born as Prajwal Shetty on 4th July, in the year 1987, to father Vijay B. Shetty and to mother, Sulatha V. Shetty. He was born in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. He completed his higher secondary education from Don Bosco International School located in Matunga East, in Mumbai. He later attended the Jai Hind College, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, where he has completed his graduation.

After that, he joined Digital Academy, a film and television institute located in the East of Andheri in Mumbai. He moved to Singapore and underwent training in ‘Mua Thai’, a martial arts form, for over four months. He made his entry into the industry of cinema by taking on the role of director when he was just 19 years old. He made his debut as a director through the Marathi film, ‘Bhakti Heech Khari Shakti’, which was released in the year 2007. The film was well received by the Marathi audience and critics. He made his debut as an actor in the action flick, ‘Yuvah’, which was in Kannada, and released in the year 2009. Prajwal was given a new name for his acting debut, and thus, Prajwal Shetty became Kartik Shetty.

In the year 2011, he appeared in another Kannada flick, ‘Karthik’, alongside Archana Gupta Archana was born in the year 1979, on 28th May. Sh >> Read More... Archana Gupta . Some of his best works are, ‘Agni Mushti’, a Kannada film which was released in the year 2012. Then came ‘Bhagawan Nityananda’, in 2014, ‘Rainbow Colony’, also in 2014, ‘ Red Click to look into! >> Read More... Red ’, a Kannada film in 2014, and ‘Karab Duniya’, among others. ‘Than Than Gopal’ is one of Kartik’s best as a director and was released on October 30th in 2015. It made about four crore Indian Rupees in the box office and stars Suzanne Bernert Suzanne Bernert is the only polyglot in the Indian >> Read More... Suzanne Bernert , Vivek Chabukswar, and Milind Gunaji Actor Milind Gunaji has appeared in such films lik >> Read More... Milind Gunaji .