Rabi Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Rabi is a Kannada writer and director. Born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, he is a well-known director of Sandalwood. His major works are all in the Kannada language. He is associated with a famous film named “Raktha Gulabi.” It is a 2021 Kannada movie written and directed by Rabi. The director shot the film in just two hours and eight
minutes. The historic thriller used no visual effects with a minimum budget to complete in a limited duration. It was a matter of concern for the director to execute his plans with the bare minimum. Based on a man and the changes in his life in three phases, the film created history. Centered around a rebellious character who leaves the corrupt system for a new life with his lady love, this thriller-based movie was unique in every perspective. The low-budget thriller, made to set records, was produced under the banner of "Machinekad Films." Rabi planned to shoot the film in a single take which opened the scope for more errors and challenges. With prior planning and preparation, he perfectly shot the film in 24 different locations. The leads Shivani and Vikramaditya did a great job. The film came out well with the combined efforts of all, especially the director Rabi Machinekad.