J.Chandrakala is an Indian writer, especially in the Sandalwood industry. She found her talent in writing during her school days itself and focused on improving it day by day. She has a special interest in literature, and she has written about more than 200 underworld personalities. Before becoming a writer, she was in the line of a journalist. It is well known that the profession of journalism involves more complicated tasks, apart from writing crunch news. So, she switched over to full-time writing. She then happened to get an idea of scripting for the premieres and started a project on her own. Initially, she thought of being only a writer, but then she dared to step into the big shoe of directing and also producing the film. The film was titled ‘ Kwatle Click to look into! >> Read More... Kwatle ’, and got released in 2014. She invested around Rs.1.80 crore for this movie, and she joined the list of one among very few female directors who managed to sustain in the Sandalwood industry.

Chandrakala always wanted to do a big budget mega movie, but as this was her first screen experience, she opted for a small budget one. However, the experience and knowledge she gained from this was worth a shot. After getting appreciation from the critics and audience, she is now gunning for her second release ‘Aashiqui 3’. When asked if this film has any connections to the Hindi versions of the film, Chandrakala bluntly answered it by saying they are different.

She always wanted to direct a motion picture with the name ‘Aashiqui’, but as it was already registered, she had no other option but to take the title of ‘Aashiqui 3’. She has planned to complete the movie within 20 days, and there is going to be some changes in the audio and visual effects of the film. She has taken the online tools to edit the recordings and will also use live sound effects, thereby saving time and money.