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T.N.Seetharam Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 06-12-1948
  • Age : 75
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

If T.N Seetharam can be described in one word, then versatile comes to the mind for his admirers across Karnataka. He is an actor, director, script writer and producer of a number of films and television serials. He has also been credited with introducing fresh faced TV stars who then went on to become successful actors in their own right.

T.N.Seetharam was born on 6th December 1948 in Gauribidanur, Kolar in Mysore district. He is a double graduate in Science and Law. During his college days, Seetharam developed a keen interest in plays and decided to pursue his career in arts and drama. His association with P Lankesh landed him a role in the national award winning movie Pallavi.

Seetharam’s ascent to fame began when he directed the mega serial Mayamrigha, which went on to achieve cult status. He went on to direct few more serials like Amanabillu, Manvantara, Muktha, Dashavathara to name a few. Seetharam has acted in his own serials always as a lawyer fighting for justice. He was noted for his role as a lawyer in his own directorial venture Muktha that won him critical acclaim.

The talented actor and director have won numerous awards ranging from State Awards to National awards. He won the national award for his movie Mathadana in 2001. He has won Best director awards for serials Maya Mruga T.N. Seetharam is a very famous director, who is a >> Read More... Maya Mruga , Manvantara and Muktha.The actor is married and has two children.