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A journalist is someone who works in the media field and brings news to the people. They are messengers of any happenings regarding any matter around the world. Their line of work is known as journalism. They are said to be the guardians of the public and helping them understand the details and workings of the government, law, judiciary, or any other sector of society. A journalist can be male or female.

A journalist could be a freelancer or work under a news agency or TV station. He/ she help the people to understand what is right and wrong in any situation. A journalist is also known as a reporter. They report current news from around the world. He/ she may not necessarily be going on field to report. People who report stories even from a desk count as journalists. They do research and report and follow up on stories.

A journalist could specialize in a particular genre such as crime, feature, news, sports, entertainment, economic, business etc. He/she is responsible for the telling the correct information to the public. Journalists also help catch criminals and reveal scandals with their news stories. He/ she are skilled in getting answers or finding information in any manner.