Birthday: 16-11-1988
Age: 30
Star sign: Sagittarius

RAFTAAR was born on November 16, 1988 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. His real name is Dilin Nair. He is a popular Indian rapper. His stage name is Raftaar. Although his hometown is Thiruvananthapuram; he has settled in Delhi with his family. He is the single child of his parents. His father worked as a steward in The Indian Railways, and his mother was a receptionist. Raftaar had a very hard time in school. His classmates and teachers discriminated against him. His obsession with music started when he was in class ninth.

One of his friends gave him a CD full of songs by Eminem and Linkin Park and that’s when he decided to become a rapper one day. He struggled a lot to get where he is today. Initially, he experienced a lot of difficulties. He used to train students in dancing at an institution. It was his way to make some money for himself. He started his career as a rapper with Young Amli and Lil Golu. Raftaar started recording songs and posting them on social networking sites. Dilin then went ahead to join a band, Mafia Mundeer, started by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

He worked as a songwriter in the group, Mafia Mundeer. Beer Bar (2009) was the song he sang while working in the group, Mafia Mundeer. After some time, he quit the band because of the immense popularity Honey Singh gained. Dilin then turned his attention to RDB and was acquainted with this group by his manager, Ankit Khanna. RDB immediately signed him because of his talent and potential. But after the disintegration of the group, Dilin started working with Manj Musik (Manjeet Singh Ral), the main singer of RDB. Raftaar appeared in the music album Born Star and made a contribution of four songs including ‘Sugar’, ‘Bottle’, ‘ Majnu’ and ‘Tere Pichechhe’. In 2013, he self-released his solo-album ‘WTF- Witness the Future.’

He rose to fame when he got the chance to rap the song ‘Shera Di Kaum’ in the film, Speedy Singhs (2013). Dilin has rapped songs for various Bollywood movies including Bullet Raja (2013), Heropanti (2014), Fugly (2014) and much more. His song ‘Swag Mera Desi Hai’ became very popular amongst the youngsters and even bagged an award for the same. He is an active performer and performs shows and concerts at various colleges and institutions as well. In 2014, some reports confirmed the clash between Yo Yo Honey Singh and Raftaar. Raftaar accused Yo Yo Honey Singh of not giving him credits for two of his songs from the film, Fugly (2014).

The fight took an ugly turn resulting in the song Swag Mera Desi Hai in which Raftaar has mocked Honey Singh. He wishes to bring about a change in the rap industry. Raftaar recently released his new song, Instagram Love.

Shirley Setia Hindi Actress

Shirley Setia

Born on July 2, 1993, in Daman, India, Shirley Setia is a mainstream Indian descent performer, songwriter, and singer situated in Auckland of New Zealand. She graduated from the Auckland University and is an intern of publicity and marketing at Auckland Council. She recorded a cover tune for the exceptionally prevalent number “Tum Hi Ho,” while she was found in Pyjamas contending in the contest under the brand called T Series in 2013. This video is as yet one of the Top 10 most trending with 2.1 million views on her Official YouTube channel. She gained the sobriquet "Pajama Popstar" by the daily newspaper, New Zealand Herald. She became one of the champs from a large number of entries. Despite the fact that she was not in any manner genuine about her vocation in music however with her tunes getting famous she at that point got the stage to begin singing and taking it as the prominent vocalist in New Zealand.Before being the renowned singer, Shirley was an RJ with her consistent show called 'Showtime with Shirley' airing each Sunday on Radio Tarana. In the midst of the hectic life, Shirley began uploading routinely on to YouTube and has from that point has teamed up with artists on YouTube from US, UK, India, and Canada such as The Gunsmith,Sanam Puri,Antareep Hazarika, Arjun, Darrel Mascarenhas and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Four years, with 50 M views and 1.1 million subscribers, she moved to Mumbai, to seek after her fantasy of becoming show biz royalty in Bollywood. Shirley soon turned into the sensation in India, giving a decent acknowledgment in this industry. She performed and got a reaction past desire from the Indian audience. Rob Cain of Forbes magazine composed a feature on her and her plans. Hindustan Times recognized her as YouTube sensation of India and as one of the greatest worldwide artist of New Zealand by TVNZ. Shirley’s most well known till date cover tune is "Sanam Re" from the Bollywood motion picture "Sanam Re" which was originally sung by singer Arijit Singh. She has more than one crore veiws on YouTube. Shirley has affirmed herself to be a major fanatic of KK and Asha Bhosle. She has in truth made the cover of many of their hit tunes like Labon Ko by KK and Chura Liya Hai by AshaBhosle.Her YouTube channel is YouTube's Top 5 subscribed in New Zealand. For OSM Musician of the year, she won the Outlook Social Media Award alongside the BIG Golden Voice Award as BIG Digital Sensation. Shirley is an inspiration for the aspiring singers.