10 Amazing Facts About Bhuvan Bam For YouTube Channel 'BB Ka Vines'

10 Amazing Facts About Bhuvan Bam For YouTube Channel 'BB Ka Vines' Hindi Article

runs a YouTube channels called 'BB Ki Vines,' and also makes Dharmik videos, which full family can watch and enjoy it. Bhuvan stays at New Delhi; his hobbies are to spread laughter and smiles on everyone's face, from the time of his school till now he entertains people. Bhuvan likes his name as his friend call him BB, so he renamed his channel as 'BB Ki Vines.' The most interesting part is that BB is not just a comedian but also a musician. Here are some ten real facts of Bhuvan Bam.

1. Bhuvan's School Time:



Bhuvan did his school years from Green Fields School, at New Delhi. During school days, he was talkative and jolly with all his friends; even the classmates loved to hang out with him as they loved him joking around. Later, these occurrences motivated him to make funny videos on Youtube.

2. He's Financial Crisis To Millionaire:


Buvhan didn't have sufficient revenue to start a YouTube channel. He brought a guitar and learned music from YouTube itself. He wanted a front camera so he brought Nexus phone, so that he can record and upload on his Facebook Timeline, due to this his videos became viral. As of now, he earns around 45-75 Lakhs per month because of his huge fans excluding the live performances.

3. A Lover Of Music:



BB has the skills to become a musician; he plays the guitar and also is a priceless vocalist. Before making his YouTube channel, he gave a live performance in Moti Mahal Deluxe, Delhi. Now he composes music by himself and has written one famous one called 'Ban-Chod' , which was released on March 2015.

4. Fans And Followers:


 Bhavan have more than 1.2 million fans on Facebook, 862k followers on Instagram, 1,352,120 Subscribers n YouTube and he runs a Facebook page called, 'BB Musician' which has more than 20k fans. His most watched video on YouTube is 'Papa Maliki Chu.' with around 8,006,902 views. BB is very popular amongst teens in Pakistan and Bangladesh. First, he's talent went viral through Facebook in Pakistan and after that he decided to create a Facebook page and YouTube channel. He has gained a lot of attention from girls, but unfortunately, he is already committed.

5. His Mom was shocked watching the Ban-Cho Video:


 Bhuvan uploaded his videos on social media without informing his parent about it. He's mother heard about his videos from the surrounding, so she starting surfing on YouTube for him. When she saw his videos, she was shocked and in anger, called him and told him to come soon home.

6. During Live shows, College students screamed ‘Ban-Chod’ louadly:


 BB visited a college for his live performance and when he entered the stage, the college crowd screamed 'Bancho' infront of Principal and the Faculties. The VIP wondered does this boy have self-respect or not, as the crowds was abusive to him but still standing as a clown.

7. Fox Star Offered To Work with them


 Fox Star Studio suggested working with them for the Ban-Chod Song, but due to copyright issues, he couldn't sign a contract with them. BB says that the facilitator wanted the Ban-Chod songs, but the write-up couldn't change with those seven songs of Bhuvan Bam.

8. Dreaming Of Becoming A Celebrity In Bollywood:

Bam revealed his vision to the audience in video 'BB Episode-2,' that he's dream is to be a celebrity and he is trying his best to enter the Bollywood industry for his career.

9. Alliance With Different YouTubers:

BB had a good alliance with Pakistani Youtube Channel 'Karachi Vinz' and has made videos of Indo-Pak concept on Independence Day Click to look into! >> Read More... Independence Day . The shoot was difficult as the video was made through WhatsApp and Skype, but things went on well, and the viewers over the globe accepted it positively, there were around 1 Million viewers. He became so popular that he got many offers to work on other Youtube channels. He also jammed with Vaibhav Bundhoo Vaibhav Bundhoo is an Indian music director and co >> Read More... Vaibhav Bundhoo on Facebook live. AIB and Raftaar also want to work with him.

10. Reason of enormous Fame:

 The reasons for his fame are his exclusive thoughts, writing skills, and also sketches which resemble many people's experience through his drawing. In an interview, he says that he observes people around him which help him create different artistic concepts to execute in his videos.