Hindi Music Director ( 0 - 12 )

Madhura Dasgupta

Manish Makhija

Jeet Singh Negi


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A music director is the head supervisor of all the music used for the film or TV show. They are also known as music supervisors nowadays. Since Bollywood is all about films with songs which are called as musicals, there is a constant need for music directors all the time. They collaborate with the music producers, singers, song writers and other technical teams to work on the music for the film or TV show. They go on to create original compositions or adaptations from other songs and even remix older songs to be used in new films.

They are either freelancers or work under a larger company from film to music videos or tv shows. Music Directors are expected to arrange and edit music scores if needed. They are also responsible for the orchestration of the whole music used in general for the film from its placing at appropriate scenes adding to the story to deciding which songs are filmed and how they are performed keeping in mind the music score and lyrics.