Hindi Lyricist ( 0 - 12 )

Hemant Raj

Sardar Panchhi


Lyricist Glorify The Song

A lyricist is someone who writes lyrics for songs. Lyrics are nothing but the words of a song which are then sung by singers. A lyricist can be both male and female and of any age. Bollywood films carry lot of songs and theses songs are made by lyricists and singers. They collaboratively work on the song and come up with appropriate lyrics and catchy tunes that will support the film plot.

Lyricists can either work on a specific genre of songs and lyrics such as romantic or rap. They may choose to write only lyrics or might even sing the song themselves if they are singers or playback singers for the film, music video or TV show. Lyricists often use direct or indirect lyrics to get the meaning of the song or scene in the film to relate to the audience.