Top 10 Diss Track By Hindi Rappers

Top 10 Diss Track By Hindi Rappers Hindi Article

The “Diss” culture is also a part of Hip-Hop “MC-ing.” By doing this type of form in rap, the rapper will learn some new things and even can improvise his flow in rapping; it is common in western culture but people take it so offensive in India. However, there are some rappers who said mean things against the government as well as other rappers.

1 – Samajh Main Aaya Kya


“Samajh Main Aaya Kya” is a diss track performed by “ Emiway Bantai Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Emiway Bantai ” against the rappers like “ Raftaar RAFTAAR was born on November 16, 1988 in Thiruvana >> Read More... Raftaar ,” “Divine,” and “MC-Stan” and the rap cast the injustice happen against “Emiway” and criticism he faces from the rapper community. The song got “118” million views on YouTube and “2.4” Million Likes in a period of a year.

2 – Sheikh Chilli


In the reply of “Emiway” Song, the rap master “Raftaar” has replied by making a rap song “Sheikh Chilli,” where he describes every statement of “Emiway” is false. The rap song also states that he always supports the new Rappers in the industry, which later on turns into a Diss war between “Emiway Bantai” and “Raftaar,” where they make songs like “Giraftaar” and “Anime Hentai.” The song Sheikh Chilli got “106” Million views on YouTube and “1.8” Million Likes in a period of a year.

3 – Seedha Makeover 


This song also a diss track to “Emiway Bantai” performed by Krishna Krishna is a Tamil television serial and film acto >> Read More... Krishna also known by his stage name “Kr$na” it states the idiotic life where “Emiway” is living and also says a strong statement in the song which in return, “Emiway” reply by making another song “Seedha Takeover.” Little known fact that in 2017, they both made a collaborative track known as “Mumbai Se Delhi Tak.” So, the song “Seedha Makeover” got “7.6” Million Views on YouTube and “220” Thousand Likes.

4 – Sach Bol Patta


The song is about a diss track on “Emiway Bantai” by “Divine” is a rap-song of “Emiway.” He said some mean thing about the religion of “Divine,” so he Diss in a track, and then again it led to a Diss war between each other and lead some great tracks like “Gully Ka Kutta” and “Chaabi Wala Bandar.” The song “Sach Bol Patta” got “7.7” Million views on YouTube.


5 – Gully Main Apne Kutta Bhi Sher Hai


The song is about the Diss for Bombay’s Rappers like “Divine,” “Emiway,” and “Nazey” by some group of rappers based in Kolkata “EPR Iyer” who is the winner of “MTV Hustle.” The song is for a healthy competition between the rappers. Still, the Bombay side doesn’t respond to their Rap song. The Diss Track got “1.4” Million Views and “49” Thousand Likes.

6 – Happy Diwala


This song is for “Kr$na” and “Raftaar” which is performed by “Muhfaad” where he says some critical statement to Krishna's Songs and a healthy discloser against “Raftaar” for not even considering him as a participant in “MTV Hustle” which is India's first reality show about “Rappers.” The song got “1.8” Million Views and “79” Thousand Likes on Youtube.

7 – Pooch Mera Naam

 The Delhi-based rapper “Raga” has made a Diss track about “Muhfaad” a long time ago and now releases it under his album “Rap Ka Mausam,” where he beef about the “Maharaaj” which indirectly refers to “Muhfaad” the rapper. The song got “4.7” Lakh Views and “15” Thousands likes on YouTube.

8 – Haq Hai

The Rap song is performed by “Naezy," the Baa, where he Diss and complain against the Government and society and said some mean things in the Rap song. The song has many versions such as “Raaste Kathin” and “Aafat.” The song got “2.4” Million Views and “67” Thousand Likes on Youtube.

9 – Freeverse Feast

Again it is a rap battle or Diss war between “Emiway Bantai” and “Kr$na,” where they fight between who represents India internationally in Rap Culture, where “Krishna” Making more and more song in “English” and in another side “Emiway” is collaborating with Global artists and making India proud. The song is for each other by the same name as “Freeverse Feast (langar)” and “Freeverse Feast (Dawat).”

10 – Bohut Hi Zyada Hard

It is a parody song represented by “MC Jizzy” and “MC TS” for social life and trouble they face in day to day life; their rap song had inspired by many segments of “Emiway and Raftaar” Diss Tracks. The song got “6.2” Million views and “260” Thousand Likes on Youtube.