Saurav Sharma is an Indian singer, who rose to fame after joining the singing reality show, The Voice (India). Saurav started singing at an early age. He is a Criminal Psychologist by profession, but his passion is to entertain people through his singing skills.

Raftaar Hindi Actor


RAFTAAR was born on November 16, 1988 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. His real name is Dilin Nair. He is a popular Indian rapper. His stage name is Raftaar. Although his hometown is Thiruvananthapuram; he has settled in Delhi with his family. He is the single child of his parents. His father worked as a steward in The Indian Railways, and his mother was a receptionist. Raftaar had a very hard time in school. His classmates and teachers discriminated against him. His obsession with music started when he was in class ninth. One of his friends gave him a CD full of songs by Eminem and Linkin Park and that’s when he decided to become a rapper one day. He struggled a lot to get where he is today. Initially, he experienced a lot of difficulties. He used to train students in dancing at an institution. It was his way to make some money for himself. He started his career as a rapper with Young Amli and Lil Golu. Raftaar started recording songs and posting them on social networking sites. Dilin then went ahead to join a band, Mafia Mundeer, started by Yo Yo Honey Singh. He worked as a songwriter in the group, Mafia Mundeer. Beer Bar (2009) was the song he sang while working in the group, Mafia Mundeer. After some time, he quit the band because of the immense popularity Honey Singh gained. Dilin then turned his attention to RDB and was acquainted with this group by his manager, Ankit Khanna. RDB immediately signed him because of his talent and potential. But after the disintegration of the group, Dilin started working with Manj Musik (Manjeet Singh Ral), the main singer of RDB. Raftaar appeared in the music album Born Star and made a contribution of four songs including ‘Sugar’, ‘Bottle’, ‘Majnu’ and ‘Tere Pichechhe’. In 2013, he self-released his solo-album ‘WTF- Witness the Future.’ He rose to fame when he got the chance to rap the song ‘Shera Di Kaum’ in the film, Speedy Singhs (2013). Dilin has rapped songs for various Bollywood movies including Bullet Raja (2013), Heropanti (2014), Fugly (2014) and much more. His song ‘Swag Mera Desi Hai’ became very popular amongst the youngsters and even bagged an award for the same. He is an active performer and performs shows and concerts at various colleges and institutions as well. In 2014, some reports confirmed the clash between Yo Yo Honey Singh and Raftaar. Raftaar accused Yo Yo Honey Singh of not giving him credits for two of his songs from the film, Fugly (2014). The fight took an ugly turn resulting in the song Swag Mera Desi Hai in which Raftaar has mocked Honey Singh. He wishes to bring about a change in the rap industry. Raftaar recently released his new song, Instagram Love.


Tata Young

Tata Young is a Thai-American singer, model, Actress, and Dancer. Young was born on December 14th, 1980 in Bangkok. The Young birth name is Amita Marie Young; Young parents were from different Countries, Her father is an American and mother is a Thailander. Young was studied at Bangkok Patana School, at the age 11, she won first prize in the national level singing contest. And that has inspired her to show more interest in singing. The Young journey started first in 1992 and the last ending in 2010, And also Young released Sixteen VCD’s and DVD’s, in a result, young won many awards from 1992-2010, Which was rewarded for her singing. Young has released her first album in 1996 called as Amita Tata Young, for which a huge number of copies were sold, only with-in a few months. Young has narrated eight studio albums, in both English and Thai languages. She sang research to the stars for the opening ceremony of 13th Asian Games, in Bangkok. At the age of 14, she signed the first professional contract and released her million-selling album in 1995, which led her to the multiple winning awards later. Young was rewarded by a gold pikkanes award by musical association from Thailand. Young formed her club in 1997 by the name Tata Young Fan Club, which helped to get support from fans and at the same time, it worked as a human development foundation. Young first won an award in 1992 as the best singer, and it was her first stepping stone of success. Later she won many awards for singing and also appeared in numerous commercials and advertising, frequently as both singer and star. She also sang for Dhoom Dhoom in English version for 2004 Bollywood movie Dhoom, by which she expanded her reach in India, the song Dhoom has sold over 800,000 units in India and it was the award winning song in many other countries like Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia. Young’s first English album is, I believe, the second album is Temperature Rising, and Tata had worked hard for the release of her third English album, and later it is placed on the internet in early 2009 and she hired Korean styles to design her image for the new album and that has become the number one in some local radio markets in Thailand, which has reached at different places with good count infamous. Young acted in three films, like the red bike story, O-negative, bitter. In all those films she showcased her beauty, like a beauty with brain. Young also worked in different Television shows like 2002-wick of the candle, 2011-Academy Fantasia (session 8), 2012-Academy Fantasia (session 9). Likewise, she worked as a star, and she had a good name as a singer, sometimes she also attended different television shows, besides she was a good singer and has won many awards. Young narrated different songs and albums, singles too in two languages (i.e. English and Thai) and acted in advertisements, fans club all together made her so famous especially in Thailand.

Tata Young Hindi Actress