Paul Zaloom

Other names of Paul Zaloom: Paul Finley Zaloom
Paul Zaloom English Actor
  • DOB : 14-12-1951
  • Age : 69
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Paul Finley Zaloom was a puppeteer, by profession. He began his journey in entertainment by roping in few local artists in his resident and started his troupe named ‘Bread and Puppet Theater’. It was a home-based theater, and he owned it totally. He was also a fierce critic of his government and other political leaders of his nation.

Through his puppeteer knowledge, he could hold theater arts and had been able to turn his show as an element of political satire. He used the knowledge of animation in his arts. Later, of course, he turned towards filmmaking even. He became most popular his TV series Beakman's World, which was premiered September 18, 1992, on The Learning Channel (TLC) cable network and in national syndication channel too.

Later on, as the popularity of the serial increased, the show was seen in nearly 90 countries around the world. Children immensely liked the show. However, the show got canceled in 1998, and it returned to the national syndication again on September 2006. In this program, Paul Zaloom played the role of Beakman, an eccentric scientist who performed comical experiments.

Paul Finley even now in 2014 had kept his image of Beakman alive and hosts many puppet programs in same costumes. Currently, he hosts Beakman Live stage shows, and he is engaged in teaching puppetry in colleges and universities of Europe and the US. He also co-produced a movie ‘Dante's Inferno‘, a 2007 comedy film.

In this film, the head puppeteer role was played by Paul Zaloom and the puppets were designed by Elyse Pignolet and drawn by Sandow Birk. The film was screened in many international film festivals. In 2003, he was even associated with a mockumentary (mock and documentary) entitled ‘In Smog and Thunder’ that released in 2003 worldwide. It may be noted that this mockumentary was a film, on artworks and this depicted an imaginary war between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Paul Finley Zaloom was born on December 14, 1951, in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York .