Dennis Farina English Actor
  • DOB : 29-02-1944
  • Date of death: 22-07-2013
  • Star Sign : Pisces

Dennis Farina was professionally an actor into Italy and America as well as a police officer into Chicago earlier. He mostly used to act on characters and has been typecasted as a police officer. He was very famous for his acting as in the character of “Jimmy Serano” for comedy “Midnight Run”. His other character acting is of “Ray Bones” into movie “Get Shortly”. He has acted into crime story being Mike Trollo, a lieutenant and as a detective in “Law and Order”. He worked as the narrator and hosted for “Unsolved Mysteries”. His last role was in the T.V. series “ Luck Click to look into! >> Read More... Luck ” of HBO.

It was premiered on 29th January of 2012. His took birth on 29th February of 1944 at Illinois. His father “Joseph Farina” was a doctor and his mother was “Yolanda Donati”. His father was from Sicily. He had six siblings with three brothers and three sisters. Before being an actor, he worked for three years for U.S.A army. From 1967 to 1985, a total of 18 years period for burglary division of “Chicago Police Department”. While talking about his starting career into show business, his career began with the director “Michael Mann”. There he worked as a police consultant and after that Mann cast him for small role into 1981 movie “Thief”. Before doing the crime series with Mann, he worked into the Chicago-based film. In the show “Miami Vice”, he acted as “Mobster Albert Lombard”.

Then he acted into private detective related series for the tittle character “Buddy Faro.” His two most memorable characters are- “Jimmy Serano” from “Midnight Run” and Ray Bones from “Get Shorty”. Some of his other movies are- Saving Private Ryan, Striking Distance, a 1993 release, Another Stakeout, Big Trouble, The Mod Squad and out of Sight, a 1998 release American comedy. He even played as the manager of the baseball at Little Big League and as basketball coach at “Eddie”.

In 1998, he played a short role into “Saving Private Ryan”. He was also awarded “American Comedy Award” for acting at “Get Shorty”. From 2002 to 2003, he worked at “In-Laws”. With this, in 2002 he appeared into “Stealing Harvard”, “Empire Falls” in 2005. In 2008, he acted into “Bottle Shock”. Then in the 2011 movie “The Last Rites Of Joe May”, he worked as in the title role. He was one of the stars of the release of 2014 ” Authors Anonymous Click to look into! >> Read More... Authors Anonymous ”. In 2013, he acted the guest role in the series “ New Girl New Girl was an American English television series >> Read More... New Girl ”, a comedian series.

While talking about his personal life, In 1970 he married with Patricia Farina and got divorced in 1980. This couple had three sons - Dennis Jr., Joseph, Michael. He stayed with Marianne Cahill, his long time girl friend at Chicago. On 22nd July of 2013, he died in a hospital in Arizona. He was suffering from Pulmonary embolism. He was buried in Illinois at the Cemetry “Mount Carmel”.