Alyque Padamsee (originally born Alyque Charanya) is an inspiration to the advertisement makers not only in India but also globally. He is a renowned theater artist who has received several accolades for contribution towards English productions. He is a humanitarian, known to address issues like sexual molestation on streets and eve teasing, which is a public menace. He took his stand with the Mumbai Police Force to stop these socially unethical wrongdoings.

Alyque Padamsee was born in an influential family. His ancestors were heads of the village Vāghnagar, which is in the district of Bhavnagar in Gujarat. Alyque Padamsee’s father, Jafferseth Padamsee is a businessperson who owned several enterprises. His mother Kulsumbai Padamsee looked after the family’s furniture line of work. Alyque Padamsee has seven siblings – three older sisters and four brothers. The Padamsee owned this honorific due to Alyque’s grandfather, who gave away his granary to Vāghnagar. Alyque and his siblings, excluding girls, were educated only after moving to Bombay from Kutch.

Alyque Padamsee is agnostic, though originally born a Khoja Muslim. Alyque Padamsee speaks highly about Miss Murphy, an Irish woman, the head of Miss Murphy’s School in Mumbai. He says Miss Murphy is behind his success as an ad maker. Miss Murphy is a role model to him. Alyque later attended the Cathedral School in Mumbai with his brothers. Here, he learned English Language and eventually taught his parents the same. Subsequently, Alyque Padamsee went to St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. It is here Alyque met Pearl Padamsee and his heart stroke a chord.

Pearl and Alyque had a daughter named Raell Padamsee. She has two children – Ranjit and Rohini, with her ex-husband Chowdhry. One of the kids – Rohini Chowdhry died due to Nephritis, after Pearl’s association with Alyque Padamsee. Raell Padamsee and Ranjit go quite well with each other despite being stepsiblings, after Pearl’s death. Alyque Padamsee later met Dolly Thakore when Alyque was pursuing advertisement making. He has a son with Dolly named Quasar Padamsee, who is a stage actor turned towards theater direction.

Eventually, Alyque fell in love with Sharon Prabhakar, who is a playback singer, famous for Butterflies are free and Junoon, and has produced eleven pop albums in Hindi. Sharon has a daughter, Shazahn Padamsee with Alyque Padamsee. Shazahn Padamsee is a movie star popular for playing the role of Rooba in the Ram Charan Tej’s Orange in Telugu, which garnered Shazahn lot of critical acclaim. It was Sharon, who united the family of Alyque Padamsee. She brought together all his children and Dolly. Career wise, Alyque Padamsee directed many advertisements for various brands, including Lux, Liril, Hamara Bajaj, Micromax, etc. in the early 1960’s. He headed the ad agency named Lintas and was pivotal in changing the fate of advertising in the Indian scenario.

Alyque is the mastermind behind marketing many of the well-known brands today. Some of these enterprises include Karamchand, a TV detective, Cherry Blossom’s Cherry Charlie and the like. He later worked as a creative advisor for many MNC’s. Alyque Padamsee is an eloquent speaker. He founded an ideation and training center called London Institute of Corporate Training in Mumbai. He worked for Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu as an advisor of communication. Alyque Padamsee’s presence in the production of theater musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita in India made him well known in the field of English drama. A

lyque Padamsee turned a raconteur with an autobiography named a Double Life that explains his journey of life. He portrayed the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the movie Gandhi directed by Richard Samuel Attenborough in 1982. Alyque Padamsee is conferred the honorable Padmashri award by the President of India in the year 2000.

Ria Jones English Actress

Ria Jones

Ria Jones takes the credit of being the youngest actress to appear as Eva Peron in the musical concept ‘Evita’. Subsequently, Ria Jones made her debut even in the musical show ‘Chess’ where she played the role of Florence and Svetlana. She then played in New London Theatre in a play titled ‘Cats’. Ria also had perfumed for a show ‘Les Miserables’ hosted at Manchester’s Palace Theatre. Besides performing in various stage and theatre shows, Ria travels and tours with several musical concerts worldwide. She has won the audience’s heart even as a soloist singer with major orchestras. She was a guest soloist for an album ‘My Way’ for Pier Nielsen which got the platinum disc in record selling. In addition, the signer also appeared for a famous album ‘Symphony For My Love’ etc. Ria Jones has recorded for various BBC shows and appeared in numerous BBC chat shows even. Some of her programs that were aired on BBC are ‘Friday Night As Music Night’ and ‘Welsh In The West End’ etc. She is a great performer on stage and even the youngest members of the family can enjoy any of her stage shows held in London or other parts. Anybody can recommend her show or concerts tour program that will suit nearly the big and even grownups too. Ria also traveled wide for a show ‘Anything Goes’ for which Ria was nominated for a TMA Award for a musical. Ria Jones has performed in every theatre in London since the age of 19 and her popular show at the Royalty Theatre, London includes ‘Carmen Negra’ and ‘Zorro’ held at the Old Vic Theatre.


Oona Laurence

Oona Laurence is an American child actor who is best known for her theatre acts and various TV shows and movies. Oona was born on 1st August 2002 in New York City, USA. Oona is the eldest daughter and she has two sisters. Aimee Laurence, who is also an actress and Jete Laurence. She is an actress as well. Oona started her acting career by doing different theatre roles. She did various regional theatre and minor roles in different TV episodes and short films. In 2012, she appeared for an audition happening for a new Broadway musical known as Matilda. She bagged the role of Matilda Wormwood, the main character of the musical. She started to perform from 4th March 2013. The musical came to a close on 15th December 2013. She performed with well-known actors like Bailey Ryon, Sophia Gennusa, and Milly Shapiro. She appeared as Young Phyllis in Celebrity Ghost Stories in the year 2011. In 2012, she was cast in Wet Cement. It was a 15-minute short drama film. It was written and directed by Emily Tomasik. In 2012, she appeared for a particular episode of the TV series, Louie. She was the spiteful mean girl #4. She also did a biography based short film called Esther. It was about a little girl named Esther who is held by a farmer in his cellar but for good reasons. In this 13-minute short film, she played the main role of Little Esther. At the Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio (2013), the film won an award for Best Short Film. In the famous Penny Dreadful movie, she was the little girl. In 2013, she appeared as Jessica Barnwell in Correcting. Perplexing. Patrick. In 2014, she was casted as Becky in A Little Game. She performed with Ralph Macchio in this movie. It won 2 awards at the International Family Film Festival (2014). She was Jean in Tumorhead which was an 11-minute short family film. She appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for a particular episode as Zoe Harris. She was Daisy in the 2015 movie, I Smile Back. The movie was nominated for seven different awards. She was cast as Tommie in the 2015 movie, Lamb. Oona has appeared in various TV series and movies like The Grief of Others, Orange is the New Black, Imaginapped, Southpaw, Damsel, Vicky & Jonny, Blindspot, etc. she appeared in Bad Moms in 2016 as Jane, Mila Kunis’s daughter. Oona has won a Tony Award in 2013 for Matilda the Musical. She also received a Young Artist Award in 2017 for Pete’s Dragon.

Oona Laurence English Actress