Pearl Padamsee, the woman always had a unique aura which always made her outstanding.She is a Indian theatre actress as well as producer and director of various English theatres in Mumbai. She was known for her gritty and strong personality which has always helped her in chasing her dream. Her mother was an Indian Jewish and father was Christian. She had a keen eye in Indian theatre and always endured in it. She began her career in theatre and always was her first love, but later she moved to films where she produced and directed many movies. As the years passed, she developed great skills and traversed her way through it and became a great director.

She was famously known for her directing skills shown in musical Godspell and Rise and Fall of Arturo Ui. She created many masterpieces as she continued her journey. She married a Bengali Hindu first and has two children with him. She also had a daughter Raell Padamsee with Alyque Padamsee her second partner. She developed a very great relation with Alyque, who was always with her during her working years. She later became ambassador to Australia and also promoted the English theatre in India along with Alyque.

The General audience knows her from work in Khatta Meetha, Junoon, Baton Baton me, Kama Sutra and Such A Long Story where she did some splendid work, but her real soul always lounged to theatre and thus has always served theatre with innocent hard work. She always had great admirers following her; she frequently received letters from her followers, which were always about moon and roses. Although she wrote various intense and dramatic verses, she herself was not so dramatic in her real life.

She influenced a generation of people to think out of the box and always did something creative. She died of Cardiac arrest on 24th April, 2000 in Mumbai, but till the end she always had the grit to put humor on the table. She later converted herself into Christianity and was buried in a Christian cemetery in Bandra. At the end she always remembered her partner Alyque, her children Raell and Ranjit and also her beloved friend Farida Pedder. She was an idol of a woman always knew how to live life, she never held herself back in anything and thus is a real pearl of India.

Daji Bhatawadekar

Daji Bhatawadekar, the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi’ winner in the year of 1965, was born on the 15th of September 1921, in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra, at his ancestral home, The Bhatawadekar Wadi, being located at Chaarni Road, Mumbai. He completed his schooling from Arya Education Society in Mumbai. After obtaining a degree from the Wilson College, Mumbai he joined Mumbai University to do Post Graduation in Sanskrit. Daji Bhatawadekar, who is known to have given life to the Sanskrit as well as Marathi dramatics, started his career at an office. Subsequently, his passion towards theaters made him a part of a literary organization based in Mumbai, the ‘Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh.’ From there he started scaling heights and finally ended up receiving one of the most prestigious Awards given by the Indian Govt, the ‘Padma Shri’ title, in the year 1967, for his numerous contributions to our society. Mr. Bhatawadekar has played roles in various Hindi, English, Sanskrit as well as Marathi plays along with actors like Durga Khote, who was supposed to be one of the leading actresses of that time. Daji has also worked with great directors like Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, the Marathi writer/humorist, and Herbert Marshal, also a well-known English stage actor. He has also acted for the Brahman Sabha of Mumbai. Daji has done various roles in his life which totals up to a count of 78. His plays include the Marathi comedy play ‘Hich Tar Premachi Khari Gammat Ahe,’ the play ‘Lagnachi Goshta,’ the very famous ‘Macbeth’, in Marathi along with Durga Khote, P.L. Deshpande’s ‘Tuzha Ahe Tuzhpashi,’ which was one of his plays that lead to his great success in which he was given the role of Kakaji, as well as the play ‘Tochi ek Samarth.’ In the year 1993, he also appeared in the T.V serial ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ for two episodes. This famous Indian theater artist has also been a part of the film ‘Vijeta’, in the year of 1982, directed by Govind Nihalani. Being an English as well as Sanskrit scholar, Mr. Bhatwadekar has written a book on the Sanskrit theater, explaining the various “Rasa’s” as well as expressions connected with acting. In his early 70’s he took a Doctorate Degree. It is not just the ‘Padma Shri’ Award that he has earned. Awards and titles like ‘Natya Bhushan,’ ‘Maharashtra Ratna’, ‘Kala Gaurav,’ as well as ‘Nata Samraat’ were added to his glory. He died on the 26th of December, which is observed as Dr. Daji Bhatawadekar Memorial Day in Mumbai.

Daji Bhatawadekar Hindi Actor