Joe Don Baker English Actor

Isn’t it the villain that makes the hero look good? And the villain of a James Bond Series will be appreciated by us all. Don’t we just love the fine part because of the nasty that comes along? Here we are getting to know one such bad and one such villain, Jon Don Baker who says that the bad guys don’t know they are bad (in real life). Being one of the four men who has appeared in any James Bond Series both in positive and negatives roles gives him a moment of praise. He has appeared as villain Brad Whitaker in ‘The Living Daylights’ and has appeared in ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ as CIA Agent Jack Wade.

This American born actor has his roots in Groesbeck and has served in U.S. Army before contributing to the mass media. He has graduated with a business degree and thereafter went on studying acting in Actors Studio in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , wherein he presently serves as life member for his input in the film industry.

His acting career started in 1964 with a stage performance at ANTA Theatre in Marathon’33. He went on to guest appear in certain television shows and played a small bit in the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ in 1967. He got his presence felt with Junior Bonner in 1972 where he played the role of Steve McQueen’s younger brother.

Looking at his appearance, dark and intense roles seems fit for him and thus he is mostly seen as sheriffs, cops and detectives which folds within them a mystery yet unfolds a mystery. Although he has never played mainstream roles but his portrayal in other roles in films like ‘Charles Varrick’ ‘Final Justice ‘Walking Tall” etc. gained him accolades. He has other movies such as ‘The Natural’ , ‘Cape Fear’, ‘Mud’, ‘Framed’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’,’ In the Heat of the Light’ and some TV shows and one made-for-Television film named ‘Citizen Cohn’ after his name.

He received $1 million for a series named Eischeid known as Chief of Detectives in UK. He is the first actor to be paid such a high compensation. Outside the country, he received recognition for his part as CIA agent Darius Jedburgh in the drama ‘Edge of Darkness’ for which he was nominated for the ‘Best Actor’ in the British Academy TV Awards. He received ‘Distinguished Alumini Award’ from the University of Texas in 1994. Adding to his glory, he is the member of ‘Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity’.