Ele Bardha is a famous stunt coordinator known for his exclusive work in various fighting scenes. He has contributed in many fight sequences in many films. He lives in Detroit, Michigan and has been living there for a long time. He has been the face behind several action scenes in many blockbuster movies. He has also contributed to another field of filmmaking from being in miscellaneous crews, assistant director, camera and electrical department and has also produced many films. He has invested his money in films like Seven Days in Utopia, Marshmallow, Paid In Full, Shark Lake and much more. He was involved in many epic action scenes in different super hit films. He started his career in stunt direction in 2009 with Crash Course and later did various hits like Street Kings 2, Machine Gun Preacher, Harold and Kumar, The Citizen, Oz the great and powerful and much more. He also appeared as a body double for stunts in films like Machine Gun Preacher, War Flowers, Red Dawn Click to look into! >> Read More... Red Dawn and Only Lovers Left Alive.

He loves his work and has a unique passion for what he does. He is an extreme adventurist and likes bringing that passion into his work in the films. He has directed action sequence in the epic action movies like Need for Speed, Transformer: Age of Extinction, Deadpool and even in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. His work is applauded by many and loved across the globe. The action scenes in these movies were intense and required huge amount of experience to pull off such a performance. The fights in the movies were applauded by critics as well as audiences. He has been a part of some great movies, which helped him increase his stature in Hollywood. He also worked in making a TV commercial for Miller Genuine Draft. He is a multitalented personality who has contributed in many different ways to the film industry, from being in the crew, cameraman, producer and even stunt director. He has dedicated a major part of his life towards it, enjoys what he does and hopes to continue doing it in the coming future.