Jayson Williams is a professional basketball player of American, Italian, Polish, and African descent. He took birth on February 22, 1968, in Ritter, South Carolina. His mother's and father's names are Barbara Williams and Elijah Joshua Williams respectively. Barbara worked at a nursing facility.

Jayson went to St. John's University and Christ The King Regional High School. He played basketball since school days. Jayson is a victim of child abuse.

In 1990 NBA Draft, Phoenix Suns picked him up. Then, Philadelphia 76ers bought him but sold him to New Jersey Nets. Jayson struggled for some time before becoming a fixed member of NBA. His consistent good performances made him an everyone's favorite.

However, on April 1, 1999, he had an unpleasant collision with Stephon Marbury, his teammate, while playing against Atlanta Hawks and he broke his leg. The injury proves to be a fatal one and he had to undergo a surgery which ensured that he couldn't play again. Jayson officially retired from the sport on June 28, 2000. He did play for Idaho Stampede for some time after retirement.

In 1992 Jayson was involved in a tussle with a patron. In 1994, someone accused him of firing a semiautomatic weapon in Meadowlands Sports Complex's parking lot. However, police didn't find him guilty in both the cases.

On February 14, 2002, while toying with a shotgun he misfired and it hit Costas "Gus" Christofi the chauffeur of the Jayson's NBA charity team. He died on the spot. After several court trials Jayson pleaded guilty, and the court sentenced him to five years in prison. He completed his sentence.

In 2009, NYPD officers stunned him to stop Jayson from committing suicide. In the same year they arrested him for punching a man. However, later he didn't drop the charges against Jayson. In 2010 police got him driving in an inebriated state after he caused an accident and they arrested him. The court found Jayson guilty and asked him to cough up nearly sixteen thousand dollars in addition to sentencing him for a year in jail.

Jayson was the owner of New Jersey Storm. He has written a book titled Loose Balls which contains not just his on-field experiences but also Jayson's episode with guns. Jayson briefly dated Cynthia Bailey before marrying Kellie Batiste in 1999. However their union couldn't even last a year. In 2000 he got hitched to Tanya Young, a contestant on a reality show Basketball Wives: LA.