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Kyla Bartholomeusz is an English singer and dancer performing in musicals, stage shows and television. With an ensemble, Kyla Bartholomeusz performed stage shows like "We will rock you" in 2016 to 2017, "Dirty dancing the musical" in 2014 to 2015 by Gordon Frost Organisation and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" by TML Enterprises in the year 2013.

She was the lead dancer and singer in Bobby Fox Tour written by Yvette Lee in 2014, the lead dancer in Crowd Casino Rock N Roll Show also written by Yvette Lee in 2014. Kyla Bartholomeusz was a dancer in Cleo Bachelor of the year – Prinnie Stevens in 2013 written by Matt Lee and in the show named Cotton on Private Party - Ricki Lee scripted by Marko Panzic. In the year 2015, she was a dancer in the TV show "We are Savages" campaign, choreographer in Kmart Jogger TVC.

Kyla Bartholomeusz got featured in the music video named Fire Starter by Samantha Jade in 2013. She was also a dancer in the Loggie awards: Olly Murs in 2013 produced by Jason Coleman. The highlight in the career life of Kyla Bartholomeusz was her performance in the Dirty Dancing. In this show, she played several different parts in the ensemble and was also the lead singer and dancer as the character named Elizabeth.

This show was performed in various cities in Australia for a year. It was staged eight times a week in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Although it was a physically tiring task, Kyla found it helpful in educating herself about the industry and also the most rewarding. Taking up the part as Elizabeth was beyond anyone's comfort zone. That person had to combine eight various styles of ballroom dancing like merengue, mambo, waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, tango, jive, and samba with on-stage singing. And this part was offered to Kyla Bartholomeusz.

To train herself vocally for the solo performance which she has never done in a professional show before, Kyla had to gulp down four liters of water each day. Being her first solo, the importance of maintaining the show was daunting to her. In the year 2007, Kyla Bartholomeusz attended Justin Timberlake “Tearin’ up My Heart” remembering one of their big >> Read More... 's FutureSex/ LoveSound world tour and since then she decided to focus on her dancing skills. She was so impressed by the various types of elements that brought the show together – musicians, staging, lighting design, music, choreography and especially the dancers.

Back then, she was one among the crowd, singing and screaming for almost two hours. After the concert, she walked up to the stage with tears in her eyes and vowed, "one day I'll be up there." To her, Justin Timberlake was the guy that changed her life even though he does not realize it. Kyla Bartholomeusz said that Geelong's Parallax Dance Company molded her to the artist she is now and also encouraged and gave her the confidence to take a two-year course at the reputed Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance.

In the year 2010, Kyla's sister Melia Bartholomeusz got diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Fortunately, later she got cured of the illness, and this made Kyla appreciate the smaller things in life and to dream bigger. She now aspires to be on a Broadway show and go on a world tour with Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake.


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