10 Movies That Were Fatal For A Few People

10 Movies That Were Fatal For A Few People English Article

You’re lucky if you leave the hall alive!

1. “ The Conjuring 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... The Conjuring 2 ” (2016)


This is a horror film based on the real-life exploits of actual people, a much appreciated film and rewarded. The sequel to this movie was a little scary for one of the viewers in India. Times of India published a report which said, one man passed away during the end of the movie in Tamil Nadu, and nobody knows why. The affected viewer was a 65-year-old male, who complained of chest pains during the film and when taken to the hospital, was found dead. The body was later sent to another hospital for examination, and he never arrived. The driver and the body went missing.

2. Raju Gari Gadhi (2015)


This film was a little too realistic for the viewers. The movie is about seven TV contestants who get stuck in a haunted house and have to stay there the whole week. But this seemed a little too much for a 55 year old man. He is identified as “A Maranatha of Attapur”, who had used the exit gate of the hall twice during the film. After the screening was over, the men cleaning the place found him dead in his seat. It is said that he had a heart attack during the film. After the investigation, they learnt that his family had a history, so maybe it wasn’t because of the film.

3. The Creeping Unknown (1955)


This is based on the British import The Quatermass Experiment, where an astronaut acquired some kind of alien infection and came to destroy all life on earth. An unwanted incident happened during the screening of the film. Released in America in 1956, this movie was fatal for one of the viewers during the screening.

4. ‘Aliens’ (1986)


Mr Prabhakar, one of the viewers of this film died of shock when he went to the restroom and came out screaming. This film has nothing more than blood she and ghosts and spirits. This guy had stayed up all night and was dead by morning. According to the Newspaper, he was found by his fellow viewers, but collapsed by the time he reached the hospital.


5. The Passion of the Christ (2004)


‘Mel Gibson's story was an epic on the crucifixion of Jesus which was not really appreciated by the people. It was said to have too much violence and bloodshed. Two of the viewers died during the screening of the film due to unknown reasons. The first incident was in Wichita, Kansas, where a 56-year-old man suffered from heart-attack during the crucifixion scene, which is known to be the most emotional scene of the film. Namely, Peggy Scott was served by a nurse during the screening, but when arrived at the hospital, was pronounced dead.

A month later the same incident was experienced by a man called, Jose Geraldo Soares, a 43-year-old priest, who was watching the film with his wife and fellow mates. He just collapsed during the screening and was found unconscious by his wife sitting next to him. Coincidentally there was a doctor, as was in the case of Peggy Scott. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save the man. It was reported, “he was sitting calmly next to his wife”.


6. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

There are many people who didn’t like the movie and refused to watch the feature. This film was fatal for a 23-year-old boy, Damian Anthony Smythe when he sneaked into one of the screenings of that feature and it ended up being fatal for him. He was found with a bottle of whiskey and unconscious when the lights were switched on. But reports said that he lost his life due to drinking and that it had been a problem for a long time.

7. ‘ Avatar Click to look into! >> Read More... Avatar ’ (2009)

Surprising, isn’t it, that this movie can be fatal for a person. For a 42-year-old man this movie was the last thing he ever saw. He went to the show and fell ill in between, and so left the show. Once he reached the emergency room, he fell unconscious due to a stroke and 11 days later he died. Sources reported that he died due to high blood pressure, which had been a problem for him for quite a while. He had high blood pressure due to over excitement of watching the movie.

8. Grand Masti Click to look into! >> Read More... Grand Masti (2013)

This case is about is 22-year-old boy who went to enjoy his time with his girlfriend and ended up laughing so hard that he died of a heart attack. The people sitting behind him said that he laughed his heart out and therefore suffered from a heart attack. According to the DNA report, it is said that it was an accidental death.

9. ‘Freaks’ (1932)

It’s regarded as a classic these days, but faced ups and downs during its initial release. Few viewers felt that the movie was exploiting its stars and some of them were just offended. The movie had gross visuals which were not really liked by the public. But the scary part was that trouble started even before the movie was released. During the screen testing, one lady accused the film of causing her miscarriage. It was a scary experience for her.

10. The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Famous for its shocking and disgusting cinematography. A film that killed a teacher and two students. This film is about a man who gets into unwanted acts like heroin and other drugs and also gets possessed by some superior power. He goes on a shooting spree and goes mad. This film has been tragic for a few people and is intense and deep.