Craig Baumgarten was born on August 27, 1949. His birthplace is the USA. He is a studio executive and producer. He first married Melissa Prophet and later divorced her. On April 18, 1981, he married Vicki Frederick and later divorced her. He then married Shawn Gardner on December 9, 2006, and is presently living with her. He is the barrister of John Fasano. In 1975, Baumgarten produced the movie Sometime Sweet Susan. He also appeared as Johnny in that movie. He was the executive producer of the film Prisoners in 1981. In 1984, he produced the TV movie A Streetcar Named Desire. He was also the executive producer of the film Misunderstood in the same year.

Then he was the executive producer of the TV movie The Bobby and Larry show and Lies of the Twins in the year 1990 and 1991, respectively. In 1991, he was the co-producer of the movie Hook. It was directed by Steven Spielberg. It was a fantasy adventure film. It was nominated in five categories for the Academy Awards. The movie was successful at the box. In 1992, he produced the film Universal Soldier and in 1993, he produced Nowhere to Run. In 1994, he produced Blank Check and It Could Happen to You. In 1995, he produced Hidden Assassin and Jade. He produced five movies in 1997 which include: All Lies End in Murder, The Hunchback, Michael Hayes, The Devil’s Child and Cold Around the Heart.

He produced Universal Soldiers: The Return and Love Stinks in 1999. In 2002, Baumgarten was the executive producer of the TV movie Lathe of Heaven. He produced the movies Shattered Glass, The Order and Peter Pan in 2003. It was an adventure fantasy film directed by P.J. Hogan. The film was successful at the box office and received positive comments. In 2005, he was the executive producer of TV movie Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story. In 2012, he produced the third part of Universal Soldiers: The Day of Reckoning. In 2013, he produced the TV movie Twist of Faith. In 2014, he produced the movie Skin Trade. Then he left a gap for a year and started producing again in 2016. He produced Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart, Never Back Down: No Surrender and All I See Is You. He is also the producer of Accident Man and The Foreign which is in the pre-production stage. The film is yet to be released in 2017.

Colin Vaines English Actor

Colin Vaines

Colin Vaines is an English film producer. Colin was born on 16th June 1957 in the United Kingdom. He first entered the cinema world in the year 1977. He was a journalist. He quit journalism in 1984. He also acted as a consultant. He worked for the Columbia Pictures in 1987 when it was under David Puttnam. He later became the head of David Puttman’s Enigma Production Company. He became a producer in the year 1992. He produced the movie starring Ralph Fiennes named A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia. He even won an Emmy Award for this movie. Apart from working independently as a producer, Colin also worked for the Performing Arts Screenwriting Labs as an artistic director and writer’s lab SCRAWL in South Africa. He used to handpick writers to work on his projects. His selectivity led to some of the best movies which include The Full Monty, Trainspotting, Billy Elliot. Some his famous writers were John Hodge, Lee Hall, John Michael McDonagh and Paul Laverty. Paul Laverty and Colin have worked on a lot of projects. The most successful of all was The Wind That Shakes The Barley, which even won the Cannes Palme d'Or Award. He co-produced a movie named B. Monkey with Michael Radford. He later moved to New York in 1999 and was appointed as the Vice President of Mirimax Films. In 2002, he became the Executive Vice President of European Production and Development. He co-produced Gangs of New York with Martin Scorsese and Cold Mountain with Anthony Minghella. He was appointed as the Vice President of The Weinstein Company in 2005. He was an Executive Producer Breaking and Entering, directed by Anthony Minghella. He oversaw many Weinstein projects which include Factory Girl, The Reader, and a television short-film The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective. In 2007, he joined GK Films in Los Angeles and was appointed as the Co-President of Production. He produced many movies with GK films. Somme of his notable works with GK Films include The Rum Diary, The Young Victoria, and London Boulevard. In 2010, he returned to freelance movie production and produced Coriolanus. He co-produced WE in 2011. Vaines produced The Marriage of Reason and Squalor in 2015. He is currently working on a project name Blue Dog, which is a prequel to an Australian movie Red Dog.


Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962. He was born in Glasgow in Springburn district in Stobhill Hospital. He was born to Robert and Janet Ferguson. He brought up in Cumbernauld. He is a Scottish- American. Ferguson is a Stand-up Comedian, Television Host, Actor, Writer, Director, Voice Artist and Producer. He did his primary schooling in Muirfield Primary School. He did high school in Cumbernauld High School. He left school at the age of 16 and became an electronic mechanic in Burroughs Corporation. When he was 13, he visited The United States for the first time. In 1983 he shifted to New York and worked in Harlem in Constructions. Then he worked at a nightclub called Save the Robots as a Bouncer. Craig entertained as a drummer in the rock band Exposure and punk band Bastards From Hell. Peter Capaldi was the lead vocalist of the band. He was the one who inspired Craig to attempt for comedy. He got introduced to Michael Boyd when he was working as a bartender in a local pub in Glasgow. He was the creative director of The Tron Theater in Glasgow. Boyd inspired him to try acting. Soon Craig created an effective stage character, Bing Hitler. In 1986 at the Edinburgh Film Festival it became a great hit. In 1988 he appeared in a television sitcom Red Dwarf. He mixed his Stand up acts and filmed sketches in ‘The Ferguson Theory’. He hosted the show in 1993. In the same year, he appeared in Dirt Detective, a Scottish archaeological series. He appeared in Rocky Horror Show in 1991. In 1994 Ferguson shifted to Las Angeles. He starred in Maybe This Time as Baker Logan McDonough. It got aired on ABC, and it was his first American role. From 1996 to 2003 he appeared on The Drew Carey Show as Nigel Wick. It was a big leap forward in his career. He also starred, directed and wrote the movies The Big Tease, Saving Grace and I’ll Be There. At the Aspen, Dallas and Valencia Film Festivals he won the Audience Award for the Best Film. At the Napa Film Festival, he got titled Best New Director. He gave voice over in Hoe to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, Brave and Winnie the Pooh. Ferguson got appreciated for his acting in Lenny the Wonder Dog, Born Romantic, The Ugly Truth, Niagara Motel, Kick-Ass, Chain of Fools. On June 11, 2013, Banff World Media Festival awarded him Peter Ustinov Comedy Award. Ferguson became the host of CBC’s The Late Late Show in 2005. The show was a great success, and it reached 1000 episodes on December 15, 2009. In 2010 he won the Peabody Award for that show. He hosted and appeared in many shows in television. He hosted Join or Die with Craig Ferguson in 2016. It is a historical talk show. In April 2006 he wrote the novel Between the Bridge and the River. He wrote a memoir American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot. He first married Anne Hogarth. He lived with her from 1983 to 1986. He then married Sascha Corwin. They had a son Milo. Both these marriages ended in divorce. Finally, he married Megan Wallace, and they have a son Liam.

Craig Ferguson English Actor