Ilya Popov English Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Ilya Popav is Russian film producer. He was born on 8th February 1978. He was born at Saint Petersburg, Russia. He has worked in many animated movies. He is mostly a producer of animated movies in Russia. He is a well-known producer in Russia. Ilya Popav has worked in many movies, short movies, and TV shows they are ‘ The Edge The Edge is an informational tv show aired on the >> Read More... The Edge ’ in the year 2016. ‘The Hatchway’ and ‘Not A Button’ in the same year. ‘Tina and Tony A Princess’ in the year 2016. ‘Kotopolis’ in the year 2008.

‘The Fixies; Top Secret’ in the year 2017. ‘Fixies vs Krabots’ in the year 2019. ‘Chinti’ in the year 2012. ‘Five Minutes To Sea’ i the year 2018. ‘The Theory Of Sunset’ in the year 2017. ‘Kikoriki; Deja Vu’ in the year 2018. ‘Kikoriki. Legend of the Golden’ in the year 2016. ‘Kikoriki; Team Invincible’ in the year 2011. ‘BabyRiki’ in the year 2017. ‘kikoriki’ from the year 2003 to 2015. These are the work done by Ilya Popov.