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Doug Hutchison English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1960

Age Now 64

Doug Hutchison - (Movie Actor)

John Dall English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1920

Lived For 50 Years

John Dall - (Movie Actor)

Duke Mitchell English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1926

Lived For 54 Years

Duke Mitchell - (Movie Actor)

Scott Disick English TV-Actor
Born: 26 May 1983

Age Now 41

Scott Disick - (TV-Actor)

Peter Cushing English Movie Actor
Born: 26 May 1913

Lived For 30 Years

Peter Cushing - (Movie Actor)

Lauryn Hill English Singer
Born: 26 May 1975

Age Now 49

Lauryn Hill - (Singer)


A Production Company

A Production Company is a company which acts as the backbone of a movie or a program. It is also referred to as Production House or Production Studio. It is responsible for raising funds for a said script, roping in directors & actors and distribution of the film on completion. These companies also hire people who help in the filming process.

There are quite a number of people in a production company. Some of the key people are Development head, script readers, Marketing head, Distribution heads, Executives, Producers etc. Depending on the size of the production company, the staff may also vary and might include Human Resources, Admin people and more. Most of the successful production companies function with just a main producer and 2 or more support staffs.

In other words, the decision whether a movie can be made successfully or not rests in the hands of the Production Company.