Salman Rushdie is a British-Indian novelist and essayist. Ahmad Salman Rushdie was born on 19th June 1947 under the zodiac sign of Cancer in Mumbai, British India. He was from a family of Kashmiri ancestry. His father was a Cambridge University graduated lawyer and businessman, named Anis Ahmad Rushdie and his mother was a teacher named Negin Bhatt. His father got rusticated from Civil Services after a problem in his date of birth in his certificates. He did his schooling from Cathedral John and Conon, Mumbai, and graduated from Kings College, University of Cambridge.

His first novel, Grimus which was published in 1975 was ignored by many people. His next novel which came in 1981 was Midnight’s Children which is based on India’s transformation from British India to Independent India and the book brought him the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1981 and Bookers Prize as well. His novel was honored with the title of Bookers of Bookers Award and got entry into the great books of the 20th century. He wrote Shame, published in 1983, which was about the politics in Pakistan and he received France’s Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger (Best Foreign Book) for it.

He wrote Jaguar Smile in 1987. He wrote The Satanic Verses which brought him under controversy and a terrorist group made an attempt to kill him by planting a bomb in a hotel in Central London but the explosion took place before the planned time. A Pakistani film called International Gorrillay depicted him as a villain who is killed at the end. Al-Qaeda also mentioned his name on their hit list. On 16th June 2007 he got knighted for the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

He has been married four times – first to Clarissa Luard from 1976 to 1987 and had a son with her. In 1988 he married Marianne Wiggins and divorced her in 1993. He then married Elizabeth West in 1997 and divorced her in 2004. He married Indian-American Padma Lakshmi, an actress and host in 2004 and divorced her in 2007. He has two sons.

Other than writing he also works as a mentor and helps aspiring writers with a few techniques and concepts and is a great speaker as well. His other books include Fury and Two years, Eight months and twenty-eight days. He wrote books for children that include Haroun and Sea of Stories and Luka and the Fire of Life. He wrote a few essays as well. He got awards for his works, some of which are Whitbread Novel Award twice, PEN Pinter Prize (UK), Premio Grenzane Cavour (Germany), Golden Pen Award, Author of the year (Germany), Arts Council Writers Award, and Aristeon Prize (European Union).

V S Naipaul English Actor

V S Naipaul

Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was born on 17th August 1932 in Chaguanas, Caroni County, Trinidad and Tobago. He is of British Nationality and is a Novelist, Travel Writer and Essayist. He has published thirty books, both on fiction as well as non-fiction. V S Naipaul was born to Seepersad Naipaul and Droapatie. His grandfather went to work as an indentured labor in Trinidad and his father became a Journalist. His family shifted to Port of Spain, where Naipaul took admission in a government Queen’s Royal College and after graduation Naipaul won the Trinidad Government Scholarship that gave him the opportunity to study in any institution established by Britishers and he went to Oxford University. Naipaul met Patricia Ann Hale during a play and became friends with her. He wrote a novel but it didn’t get good responses and he doubted his abilities. He went back to his place in 1953 after graduating and his father died at that time, so he took up jobs to support the family. He got opportunity to work as a presenter in the Caribbean Voices and he was there for a part time job. He and Pat married without informing their families about it. While working as a presenter he wrote Bogart, the first story of Miguel Street. The editor of Andre Deutsch, Diana Athill, asked Naipaul to write another novel and Naipaul came up with The Mystic Masseur, which was published in 1955. He came back to Trinidad to his family and there he wrote a comic book on the rural elections named The Suffrage of Elvira. In 1957 he took up a full time job of editorial assistant at Cement and Concrete Association and he reviewed books as well for the New Statesman for four years. The Mystic Masseur received John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1958 and Somerset Maugham Award after three years. He is the first non-European to achieve this honor. In 1961, he wrote a book called A House For Mr Biswas, getting inspiration from his father and took three years to complete the book. He says that he created a new world for himself through this novel. He visited India and wrote a book about the journey as well which was called An Area Of Darkness. He wrote A Flag On The Island as a story for a movie. The director didn’t like it and the movie isn’t yet made, but many people liked the story. He then wrote The Mimic Men, which was different from his earlier books, and it received good response from everyone. He then got an opportunity from an American Publisher to write a book on Little Brown Company based on the Port of Spain, and in two years he came up with The Loss of El Dorado. The publishers rejected the book, but instead, Alfred A Knopf agreed to publish it in the USA and Andre Deutsch in Britain. In the 1970’s his relationship with his wife was strained, but they managed to be together until she died in 1996 and then Naipaul married Nadira Khannum Alvi Naipaul. He wrote In Free State in 1971 for which he received Bookers Prize and then wrote great books like A Bend In The River, A Way in The World, Half a Life, and The Masque Of Africa is the recent one. He got the Noble Prize for literature in the year 2001. His fans still are expecting more great novels from him.


Rohinton Mistry

Rohinton Mistry was born on 3rd July 1952 in Mumbai, India under zodiac sign Cancer. He is an Indian-born Canadian novelist, and he has received the Order of Canada in 2015, admission to which is the second highest honor for merit in the system of orders, decorations and medals of Canada for his talent in his profession. He was brought up in Mumbai with his brother Cyrus Mistry who is a playwright and author as well. Rohinton Mistry completed his graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in Mathematics and Economics. In 1975, he and his wife–to-be Freny Elavia moved to Canada, and they married soon and worked in a bank there and then Rohinton studied BA in English and Philosophy from Woods Worth College, University of Toronto. While studying there, he won two Hart House Literary prizes for writing great stories called One Sunday which got published in Hart House Reviews. He was the first to do so as well in the year 1985. After two years, Penguin Books Canada published eleven stories as Tales from Firozsha Baag which was later published in the USA as lessons for Swimming and Other Stories from Firozsha Baag. His second book changed his life. Such A Long Journey, that is about a clerk in Mumbai getting involved in a fraud, published in 1991 won him the Governor General’s Award, Commonwealth Writers Prize, and Books in Canada First Novel Award. A movie has been made on the story of the novel. The book got published in 1991. His book got shortlisted for Bookers Prize and Trillium Award. The novel is translated into Swedish, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Danish. His following book published in 1995. Called A Fine Balance, it was a fiction, about the state of emergency in India during the 1970’s. It got huge appreciation from everyone and won him the Giller Prize, Los Angeles Times Prize. A Fine Balance made into the Oprah’s Book Club in the year 2001. It became a best-seller and got shortlisted for Booker’s Prize as well. His book Family Problems talks of problems which come along with ageing to a person. He shows a connect with the Parsi community and has a sense of realism. His books are compared to to the books by Salman Rushdie, as they both have great wit and a unique style of writing. He was Awarded with the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize in 2002 and in 2003 he got the Canadian Author’s Association Award for Fiction. In 2006, he was honored with the Timothy Findley Award. He received the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in the year 2012. His fans are anticipating many more novels from him.

Rohinton Mistry English Actor