10 Successful People Who Did Not Have It Smooth

10 Successful People Who Did Not Have It Smooth English Article

Nobody ever makes it right to the top without suffering a bit. Here are a few of the many who struggled their way up and now we love them as if they are and were always perfect.

She is the sex-bomb and humanitarian who needs no intro - the one who went from being a heroin addict to being a heroine. Advising people to be themselves and not let anyone tell them they don’t fit in are some lessons she learned after having a troublesome past. She comes from a broken home, has had relationships where she even wore blood amulets of her husband, harmed herself and had been accused of breaking marriages. She even claims to have tried every drug before she was 20. Still, nothing seems to have stopped her from being the diva that she is. Now representing issues like sexual violence all over the world, nobody can doubt for even a second that she is anything less than a survivor.


Considered a Hollywood royalty, Drew was the child actor of her time. The early childhood success, given to her by her mother, led her astray at the naive age. Being taken to nightclubs and pubs by her mother, Drew was introduced to the world of drugs and alcohol. She started acting violently by the age of 13, mainly because of not being able to get her mother out of the house. She got into controversies over exposing herself on TV and for the Playboy magazine. Her love life didn’t last more than a year until she met Will Kopelman Will Kopelman is an American actor and art expert. >> Read More... Will Kopelman . Having such a troubled past didn’t mean anything to her, and she turned it all around by acting and involving her self in the production unit Flower Films.



He is the kind of actor that when you see him in the cast of a movie, you know it’s a good movie. But he didn’t get all the success and talent just like that. He is a survivor. Coming from a broken home, he first lived with his father but some time later moved again to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to live with his mother after dropping out of college.
Robert was unfortunately introduced to the drug life by his father at the age of eight. Claiming to take drugs on weekends, he turned into a full-fledged drug addict by the 20s. He has been charged with felony drug possession, inappropriate behaviour when he was seen driving in his Porsche naked, charged with possessing .357 Magnum, cocaine and heroin and several other charges – all leading to the basic drug abuse situation. His marriage with Falconer also failed during all these charges.
After several attempts of rehab, Robert slowly, and after a long time of putting in efforts finally came to terms and worked on his serious issue.

R. Kelly


He is the ‘’take it or leave it’’ kind of artist. He gives you the best love making, charts topping pop songs and he is also accused of controversial sex tapes, having several illicit relationships with underage girls. Despite the many charges, his career remained a constant positive graph that only went up. Even though he is accused of such great allegations, we cannot forget he is the little one born to a single mother in a poor neighbourhood and the fact that he, for a long time, felt like an outcast between other kids. It was his inability to read and write that haunted him for a long time. He was also accused of having relationships with a 15-year old, about whom he doesn’t talk to date. He finds his peace by sleeping in the closet where he thinks no one can come near him. This artist doesn’t care what people think, because if he isn’t proved guilty, he isn’t guilty.

The famous designer of not one but two houses – Dior and Galliano – the artist spiralled down since 2011 after being caught on film making anti-Semitic remarks. He is seen admitting in a TV show that he mixed alcohol along with benzos which proved to be a lethal combination. He also confessed that he consumed Valium to put an end to the shaking and also took sleeping pills for sleeping. This was the period when he was working on 32 collections annually. After spending his fair share of time in rehab, he realizes he was totally bankrupt including his emotional and physical stature.


But 2015 was his year when he made his comeback at an event in London based on women’s fashion.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is a multitalented American. Act >> Read More... Lindsay Lohan


The track record of this actress, model, pop music singer started going rough since her bad phase started in 2007. In that one year, she was admitted into rehab three times and arrested several times. It was just the beginning of years of arrests and rehabs – multiple times in a year, in fact. During a shoot for a movie, she had a phase of having nightmares which overwhelmingly traumatized her. She is now successfully putting it all behind her and moving on.


Halle Berry She was known for her short - hair styles, from a >> Read More... Halle Berry

Having had an abusive alcoholic father, abusive relationships, sex-addicted husband. Halle Berry must be praised for still holding on. She’s been in therapy for 30 years, starting when she was just 10-years-old. She also faced court trials for the custody of her daughter against her ex-husband


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato was born on 20 August, 1992. Her birth >> Read More... Demi Lovato

The singer-actor dealt with issues of bipolar depression and discovered she had a nervous breakdown during a concert when she entered a treatment facility. Years of uncanny behaviour and struggle led the artist to become the voice of several depressed young girls. She spoke deeply and openly about her sufferings on various occasions and is now a writer for Seventeen magazine.

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne, whose actual name is Dwayne Michael Car >> Read More... Lil Wayne

The Grammy award-winning rapper doesn’t need to have a sheet of charges to tell you about his messy life – his overly tattooed body says it all. Having issues related to stability, security and reality, basically, Wayne has proved that all the mental instability makes up for great raps.

                            This Two And A Half Men star likes being known as the ‘’bad boy’’. He’s had numerous meltdowns in public and a cocaine overdose, an arrest and a fight with the producer of Two And A Half Men that led him to quit the show eventually. When the federal grand jury accused Madam Heidi Fleiss on charges of income tax avoidance and conspiracy, Sheen accepted in the public that he was one of her clients.