Guy Lawrence is a singer and musician. He was born on 25th May, 1991 in Religate, Surrey. His parents were musicians. His father played in the rock band, and his mother was a session musician, fronted bands, Sang advert jingles, toured on cruises, and she was the one who entertained the British army after their recapture on the Falkland Islands.

He has an elder brother, named Howard Lawrence Howard Lawrence is a musician and one-half of the >> Read More... Howard Lawrence . He started playing drums at the age of three. He also learned to play guitar and piano at an early age. He went to Reigate College. During that time, people used to study music and music technology.

He often used to listen to hip-hop, dubstep and he was drummer ina school group with his friends and used to play guitar in an indie-style. Guy loved studying classical music especially Bach and Claude Debussy. He always had a lot of interest in the techniques of the music and production used by the Detroit -based rapper and producer J Dilla, which led him to hip-hop and made him attend the dubstep gigs as a student, but he loved house music more, and he began studying it and introducing it to his brother, Howard Lawrence.

He was studying in college and was also getting influenced by artists like Joy Orbison, James Blake, Burial and Mount Kimbie, and he began studying his influences, leading him back to Chicago House, Detroit Techno, UK and 2-step garage.

He along with his brother started re-constructing and copied the music that Guy heard at gigs in the room above their father’s auction house, and then they used to remake the music in the same room in electronic house music with a pop structure style.

They used to record their song and upload it to Myspace. Guy and Howard’s first single “Offline Dexterity” was released on 29th August, 2010. They released their second song “Carnival Love That You Know,” on 13th June, 2011.

The name of their band was Disclosure. His first radio hit came out in 2012 with the release of Tenderly & Flow as a part of Disclosure. The Disclosure group got nominated for many awards like Brit Awards, International Dance Music Awards, Grammy Awards, NME Awards, and UK Music Video Awards.

The group won the International Dance Music Award for Best Full-Length Studio recording in 2016 for their work in Caracal. Disclosure group also won the NME Award for Best Track in 2015 for their work “White Noise.” They won the UK Music Video Award for Best Dance Video for their work in “Grab Her” and Best Music AD for their work in “Settle.”