Dizzy Reed English Actor

Dizzy Reed is a famous musician in the American rock-music scene. He is primarily a keyboardist, but he is also known to play the piano and also backing vocals and percussion instruments in his songs and live gigs. He rose to fame playing keyboard for the famous rock band Guns N’ Roses ( GNR ) which was created in the year 1985. He also did an acting gig as Mumbles in the 2005 action thriller movie ‘’s Death Wish’ where a girl takes revenge of her sister’s murder along with lead singer of the band GNR, Axl Rose W. Axl Rose was born on 6th February, 1962, in the >> Read More... Axl Rose .

This Colorado boy was born on 18 June 1963 and is a Gemini. Born Darren Arthur Reed, he took the name Dizzy Reed as his stage name. He proved to be a musical prodigy and learned to play instruments from a very early age. His friends describe him as friendly, affable and inclusive. He kickstarted his career in Los Angeles with the band ‘The Wild’ who were studio neighbors with GNR and Axl Rose started to court Reed to join the band from then. Starting from 1990, he is the longest standing member in GNR, next only to Axl Rose. Their collaboration yielded some of the best albums released by Guns N’ Roses like ‘Use Your Illusion’ ( I and II ) and ‘Chinese Democracy’ propelling him to fame.

Because of the role played in his induction into the band by Rose when other group members and management saw him as a temporary fixation of Rose, Reed is very loyal to him and speaks out regularly against misconceptions revolving around Rose and his spat with other band members. This blue- eyed musical genius who likes to wear his dark brown hair long talking about his GNR membership says how he works hard to contribute more as a keyboardist in GNR with strong guitar riffs leanings. GNR was reunited in 2016 with the joining of original band mates like Slash and Duff and toured around North America and Rose in VH1 interview hinted at the release of a new album. Reed has called this reunion ‘the best line-up’ with super talent and chemistry. He is currently touring South America with his band ‘Hookers N’ Blows’ whom he works with when he is not busy with GNR.

Good news is that this rock star is now ready for an independent release of his solo music in Itunes in January. He has also worked with superband ‘The Dead Daisies’ and has put out an album ‘Revolucion’. He is currently unmarried and has two ex-wives. He has a son Justin Gunn-Reed from an earlier marriage and two daughters– Skye and Shade from his marriage with teacher and author Lisa Reed whom he married in 1990. They divorced in 2010. He was said to have been working with his daughter Shade who is a singer herself on a solo venture. It is estimated that he has a total net worth of $15 million dollars. Unlike many artists, he doesn’t smoke but does wear a lot of tattoos in his arms.

He won the Outstanding Keyboardist of the Year Award by Rock City Awards in 2007 as the keyboardist of the band ‘Hookers N’ Blows’. His name was inscribed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year of 2012, but he didn’t attend the ceremony. He later replied in an interview that he got the news late. He also expressed his desire of getting his band ‘Guns N’ Roses’ into the Hall of Fame. Some of his famous songs in GNR are – November Rain, Don’t Cry, Knocking on Heaven’s Door and the list goes on.