Jenna Fischer, born on March 7, 1974, Indiana. Her Parents were Anne and James E."Jim” Fischer. She completed her schoolings in Manchester, Missouri, and Nerinx Hall High School. She completed her graduation in Bachelor of Arts in theatre from Truman State University. She started her career in professional Theatre. Her performance led her to first agent. She struggled to enter into both Television and film industry. She began her career by appearing in small films such as Lucky 13, Six Feet Under Six Feet Under is an American comedy-drama televis >> Read More... Six Feet Under , Off Center, Undeclared, Cold Case. In 2003, she started her acting for the movie "The Girl's Guide to Summer. Apart from acting,

She is also involved in directing and writing. She directed her first film Lollilove. She co-starred with her husband, James Gunn James Gunn is an actor, director, writer and produ >> Read More... James Gunn . By the year 2004, at Troma Film Festival she got an award for her acting in the movies as an Emerging Actor. Later she pursued herself at St. Louis art and entertainment magazine. By the year 2005, she started her next film “The Office”. The film was successful. Apart from her career she also spent several years as a receptionist and as an administrative assistant. As her film The Office got successful her career began to blossom . In 2007, she started her music video for Willie. By 2009, she played for National League Team in Celebrity softball game. She then appeared in the Episode Darque Magick, a serial which was directed by Jenelle Riley. She was the Spokesman of Skincare solutions. She was the producer of the play Sad Happy Sucker, which was written by Lee. In 2006 and 2007 she starred in some movies with her husband, James.

By the year 2009, she met Charles Green and completed her film, Solitary man that released for that summer. She also appeared in music videos like Through Any Window. She also came in several Televisions Episodes. She started her career in the year 1998 with  the movie Channel 493.After that she acted in several movies like Born Champion, Les Superficial, Employee of the Month, The Women, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Slither, Blades of Glory, The Brothers Solomon, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Promotion, Solitary Man, A Little Help, Are You Here. After that she did   several films, short films, directing, and co-writing. She also appeared in TV shows Like Undeclared, Off Centre, What I like about you. She got several awards for her movie The Office. The awards include Supporting Actress, Outstanding Performer, Comedy Actress, etc.

Jenette Goldstein English Actress

Jenette Goldstein

Jenette Goldstein is an American actress and businesswoman known for her role in Aliens. She was born on 4 February 1960 in Los Angeles, California, US. She has Jewish ethnicity. She grew up in Beverly Hills. She spent almost all her childhood in Los Angeles. She has lived in Morocco, Brazil, Lithuania, and Russia. Her parents loved theater. She took admission in schools who give importance to fine-arts. She was excellent in drama studies. She used to compete in competitions at different locations in the city. The other actors with whom she performed and competed were now-famous actors like Kevin Spacey, Gina Gershon, Val Kilmer and Mare Winningham. She is the Alma Mater of the Beverly Hills High School to which Nicole Cage, David Schwimmer, Richard Dreyfuss, Angelina Jolie- Pitt, Lanny Kravitz and Jonathan Silverman went. After graduation, she moved to the New York City to learn more skills regarding acting at Circle Theatre on a two-year program. After this, she moved to London to study Dramatic Art at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. She married an Englishman in London. She debuted in Hollywood with the film “Aliens.” She played the character Jenette Vasquez for which she received Saturn Award under “Supporting Actress” category and nominated for DVD Exclusive Award for Best Audio Commentary. The character became a feminist icon. She went to the audition thinking that it is a play she auditioned for the iconic role. She did a role in Near Dark as Vampire “Diamondback.” She received the nomination for it under “Best Supporting Actress” category. In 1989, she appeared in Lethal Weapon as Officer Meagan Shapiro. In 1991, she did the part of Janelle Voight in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgement Day. She also appeared in Star Trek as USS Enterprise Science Officer and in “Titanic” as the Irish immigrant mother. She has also done roles on TV. She appeared in hit shows like Strong Medicine, ER, Six Feet Under and L.A. Law. She didn’t cut loose of theater and did plays in different countries like London, New York, and Los Angeles. Some of the theatrical shows are Twelfth Night and The Fall (it won Los Angeles Ovation Award under “Best Production” category). Now she runs a store on East Melrose named “Jenette Bras” which specialises in selling Large-cup bras. The slogan of the store is “The Alphabet starts at ‘D’.”


Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals was born on December 19, 1963.Her parents areJeanne and Alfred Beals. She started working at the age of thirteen at an ice cream shop. She completed her school education at Francis W. Parker School. She did her B. A in American literature at Yale University in the year 1987.Beals was married to Alexandre Rockwell from 1986 to 1996.She started her film career in 1980 by doing a small role in the movie "My Bodyguard". Later she did her first film Flashdance. The story was about an 18-year old Alex whose dream was to get into dance school. She played the role of Alex. For that movie, she received the award for Best song. After that movie, she continued her studies. After completing her studies at Yale University, she came back to acting by the year 1987.By the year 1989, she starred in the movie Vampire's Kiss and by 1992, she received the call for playing a role in Batman Returns, but she declined to act in that film. In 1995, she appeared in Devil in a Blue Dress. In 2003, she played in Runaway Jury. In 2006, she starred in The Grudge 2. Apart from movies, Beals also played several roles in many television shows in 2000 Malabo road . In 2004, for the episode Frasier. After that, she appeared on TV for several small shows. She is well known for her support for Women's Rights. She acted in many web series to show her support to women's rights. In January, she led a role in web series, Lauren, which was a 12 episode show. By the year 1980, she came to stage for her first move in My Bodyguard, her other movies are Flash Dance, The Bride, The Gamble, Split Decisions, Sons, Dr. M, etc.

Jennifer Beals English Actress