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English Movie Actress Rachel Keller
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Rachel Keller is an American actress. She was born on the day of Christmas in 1992, in Los Angeles, California, US. Her father is Jewish. She got raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She went to the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. Her acting career began in 2012 with roles in short films such as I Still Adore You and Flutter. She also appeared as guest stars in television shows The Mentalist and Supernatural.

Her recurring role as Simone Gerhardt in the FX anthology series Fargo gained her vast recognition. Her lead role in science-fiction FX series Legion (2017 – present) as Sydney Barrett, a mutant with the ability to swap bodies with anyone on physical contact, has also gained her much popularity. In 2018, she played the role of Ruth Duffy in Stacy Cochran’s directed Write When You Get Work. She is going to reprise her role as Sydney in the upcoming third season of Legion starting from June 24, 2019.


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