Melanie Brown

Other names of Melanie Brown: Mel B Scary Spice

Melanie Brown, also known as "Mel B," and is also known as "Scary Spice," a member of a famous all-girl, British pop group called the Spice Girls. She said during an interview with one of the journalists, she could not remember her and her colleague's name and called herself, Scary Spice.

In her modesty, she retained this name and still is popular as ‘Scary Spice.’ This singer was also seen hosting America's Got Talent" finale and is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.  She released her first solo track "I Want You," along with Missy Elliott, this song reached No. 1 on the U.K. charts. Later on, she acted in theatre and even in films. She also hosted the Australian version of the show The X Factor.

This singer, cum actress was born on May 29, 1975, in Harehills, England. Her mother Andrea was an English native while her father was Nevisian from the West African region. She saw a lot of advertisements in The Stage magazine which invited female pop artists.

In the audition, she sang the song ‘Greatest Love of All" and she was chosen along with other four participants, who all later became famous as members of the Spice Girls. In the year 1995, they all signed a contract and released their debut album "Wannabe," in 1996.

This album became a major hit in 30 countries and put all the singers on the global map. In November 1996, they released another album ‘Spice in Europe’ which was a chartbuster. The Spice Girls broke off in 1998 but again united in for a series of concerts in 2007 and 2008.

After she broke up, she began her career her solo singing career. She released five solo numbers which were all chartbusters. Her first single, "I Want You," along with Missy Elliott sold almost 80,000 copies just in the first week.

In 2002, Brown was a part of BBC3 sitcom called Burn It, and in 2003, she made her debut in theatre with a play called The Vagina Monologues in London. Again, she appeared in Broadway stage show musical Rent. She also appeared in movies such LD 50 and The Seat Filler. Also, she also hosted a few TV shows. She hosted the television shows such as Is My Moment, Top of the Pops, Access Hollywood,

Brown released her autobiography book, Catch a Fire, which narrates her experiences as a member of Spice Girls and a famous pop star. The book had great sales. Also, she even bagged a fashion signature contract too in the United Kingdom.