Jennifer Ulrich was born in Lichtenberg, Berlin on 18th October 1984. She is an actress by profession and delivered some of the major blockbusters. She is active in the industry since 2001. She debuted with the 2001 release, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” playing the role of Yvonne. The plot is about Kati and Steffi, who are best friends. Both of them discover that Steffi’s father is engaged in an affair; they get furious and plan to take revenge on the lover. Parallel to this story, another one continues which is about a girl, Yvonne, whom Mr. Winter, a pornographer had trapped.

Jennifer delivered a top-notch performance in the flick and she did make a name for herself. After the success of the first film, she appeared in many German ones and also a short television flick. She again appeared in 2005 with “Elementary Particles” hitting the theaters. The plot is about brothers Michael and Bruno who are confused about their sexuality. They seem to have had a weird childhood. Michael grows up to be a biologist and Bruno becomes a school teacher.

Michael is fascinated by the concept of reproduction but not sexually. Instead he is obsessed with the idea of cloning, on the other hand, Bruno is sexually active and wants to fulfill his desires but is depressed by his failed attempts with women and prostitutes and so he admits himself in a mental institution. Michael visits his old town and meets Annabelle, and they start a sexual relationship and Bruno meets Christiane, and they begin the same, but he falls in love with her.

While having sex, Christiane falls, and Bruno admits her in a hospital, he gets the news that she has become paralyzed. She asks him to leave her, but he wishes not to. On the other hand, Annabelle learns that she is pregnant but has to undergo abortion, or else she might die due to womb infection, so she undergoes the surgery without informing Michael. Christiane commits suicide and Bruno blames himself for this and again visits the mental institution and continues to hear her voices.

Michael learns about Annabelle’s situation and after her recovery brings her back along with him. On the way back home, Michael visits Bruno and asks him to come with them, but he denies. Jennifer’s other works include “We Are The Night” where she portrayed a vampire Charlotte, and another was ‘Atomized’, etc.

Her last project is the 2014 television series, “Alarm For Cobra 11” which is a task force of eleven people who are hired to solve criminal activities. The series is running for two decades and still continuing with its first episode aired on 12th March 1996.

Jennifer Tilly English Actress

Jennifer Tilly

The Canadian-American, actress and poker player, born on the 16th of September, also accomplished the Herculean task of winning a bracelet at the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event. She has three siblings – Steve, Meg, and Rebecca. Post the divorce of her parents she was brought up by John Ward, her stepfather, and her mother. She spent her childhood at the rural Texada Island of British Columbia. Tilly headed to Victoria and had her schooling done in the Belmont High School. She is also the holder of a Bachelor degree in Theater from the Stephen’s College, Missouri. On Hill Street Blues, Tilly found work in small parts and also a recurring cameo playing the role of Gina Srignoli. The character was the widow of a mobster who apparently gets involved romantically with a detective. She also played the seductive Kandi Pearson in an episode of ‘Cheers’. She also appeared in episodes of ‘Moonlighting’, The Webbers and she is known most for her significant role in the comedy show, “Let it Ride”. Her major role in a film was ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’ in which she portrayed a singing waitress with utmost ease. The role was written exclusively by the writers. She earned herself an Oscar Award nomination for the Best Supporting Actress for her stupendous role as a pathetic actor in Bullets over Bombay, only to eventually lose it. She has starred in over 60 major movies including ‘Liar Liar’ opposite Jim Carrey, with her most recent major movie being ‘Curse Of Chucky’ portraying the wife of a terrorizing doll. She is now a part of the comedy revue Celebrity Autobiography. Tilly also won a World Series of Poker bracelet in an event in Texas beating 600 other opponents. She has also made appearances in the GSN Poker Royale series and the Celebrity Poker Showdown. She is known for her ravishing appearances during the poker games. However her opinion is that “When people play poker, they don’t care.” Tilly’s live tournament assets reached a mammoth $890,000. She had been married to The Simpsons producer Sam Simon before parting ways in 1991 post which she has been in a relationship with Phil Laak, a poker player since 2004. Her voice-over for various films like ‘Monsters Inc.’, Stuart Little, and much more have earned her lots of appreciation. “Everyone said that if you want to be the real actor, go to New York. If you want to sell out, go to L.A., and I thought- I want to sell out!” was what Tilly had to say on her pursuit of becoming an actress.


Jenny O Hara

Jenny O’ Hara is an American thespian and actress. Jenny was born on 24 February 1942 in the city of Sonora, California State. Her father’s name is John B. O’Hara, and he worked as a salesman while Jenny’s mother, Edith, was a journalist and drama teacher. Edith established 13th Street Repertory Company in NYC. Jenny’s given name is Patricia Joanne O’Hara. Jenny has two siblings: Jill O’Hara (sister) who is a famous singer/actress and Jack O’ Hara (brother) who is a singer/guitarist. Jenny took admission at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Later, she shifted to New York to take up an acting course under the guidance of Lee Strasberg. Jenny used to participate in stage acts in the early 60s. Jenny featured in a play called Dylan, which also starred Sir Alec Guinness. Jenny succeeded Jill in the Broadway musical Promises, Promises. After Jenny had gained a handful of experience in acting, she got roles in various English language television serials. Her TV ventures include Brinks: The Great Robbery, Blind Ambition, Blinded by the Light, and The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective. Jenny’s debut film was The Last Married Couple in America in the year 1980. After ten years, Jenny starred in Career Opportunities where she played the role of Dotty Dodge. In the movie, Jenny’s character Dotty is the mother of Jim, who is a lazy person. This movie received lukewarm reviews and earned $11 million in the United States of America. In 2003, Jenny was a part of Mystic River. She collaborated with Sean Penn, Clint Eastwood, and Laurence Fishburne for the project. In the thriller flick, O’Hara portrayed the role of Esther Harris. Mystic River got six Academy Awards nomination out of which Sean Penn and Tim Robbin won Oscars for Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor respectively at the 2004 ceremony. Mystic River earned $150 million dollars at the Box-Office. Later, people saw Jenny in Nicholas Cage’s Matchstick Men. This motion picture got positive feedback from the audience and reviewers alike. But Matchstick Men was a commercial failure as it barely recovered its budget of 60 million dollars. Jenny’s filmography comprises of “Right at Your Door,” “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey,” “Devil,” “Sassy Pants,” “As High as the Sky,” and others. Recently, Jenny turned up for an episode of American Housewife in the year 2017. After divorcing August Dorr Watkins, Jenny married Nick Ullett and gave birth to two daughters.

Jenny O Hara English Actress