Jennifer Ulrich was born in Lichtenberg, Berlin on 18th October 1984. She is an actress by profession and delivered some of the major blockbusters. She is active in the industry since 2001. She debuted with the 2001 release, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” playing the role of Yvonne. The plot is about Kati and Steffi, who are best friends. Both of them discover that Steffi’s father is engaged in an affair; they get furious and plan to take revenge on the lover. Parallel to this story, another one continues which is about a girl, Yvonne, whom Mr. Winter, a pornographer had trapped.

Jennifer delivered a top-notch performance in the flick and she did make a name for herself. After the success of the first film, she appeared in many German ones and also a short television flick. She again appeared in 2005 with “Elementary Particles” hitting the theaters. The plot is about brothers Michael and Bruno who are confused about their sexuality. They seem to have had a weird childhood. Michael grows up to be a biologist and Bruno becomes a school teacher.

Michael is fascinated by the concept of reproduction but not sexually. Instead he is obsessed with the idea of cloning, on the other hand, Bruno is sexually active and wants to fulfill his desires but is depressed by his failed attempts with women and prostitutes and so he admits himself in a mental institution. Michael visits his old town and meets Annabelle, and they start a sexual relationship and Bruno meets Christiane, and they begin the same, but he falls in love with her.

While having sex, Christiane falls, and Bruno admits her in a hospital, he gets the news that she has become paralyzed. She asks him to leave her, but he wishes not to. On the other hand, Annabelle learns that she is pregnant but has to undergo abortion, or else she might die due to womb infection, so she undergoes the surgery without informing Michael. Christiane commits suicide and Bruno blames himself for this and again visits the mental institution and continues to hear her voices.

Michael learns about Annabelle’s situation and after her recovery brings her back along with him. On the way back home, Michael visits Bruno and asks him to come with them, but he denies. Jennifer’s other works include “We Are The Night” where she portrayed a vampire Charlotte, and another was ‘Atomized’, etc.

Her last project is the 2014 television series, “Alarm For Cobra 11” which is a task force of eleven people who are hired to solve criminal activities. The series is running for two decades and still continuing with its first episode aired on 12th March 1996.