Jan Clayton was a very famous actress who was seen in various TV series, films as well as musical theater. She was born in Tularosa, New Mexico in the United States on 26th of August in the year 1917. She had done some amazing work in her lifetime of her acting career. Jan had received her education at the Tularosa High School in the city of New Mexico. She had completed her share of graduation in the year 1935 and further attended the Gulf Park College for Women, which is located in Gulfport, Mississippi. Here she did her course in music and drama. Jan married a western actor named Russell Hayden in the year 1938. They had a daughter together who they named Sandra. Sandra, at the age of 15, met with a road accident and died. However, they had certain issues that they could not settle, and they finally decided to part ways in the year 1943. She again thought of giving her life a chance and married Robert Lerner in 1946. They had three children together named Robin, Karen, and Joe Lerner.

Jan again had to come to terms with the harsh reality when she and her husband parted ways following irreconcilable issues in the year 1958. It was in 1966 when she married a pianist and TV composer George Greeley and got divorced in the year 1968. Jan was seen in several Broadway productions like Carousel, The Snake Pit and Show Boat among others. She also appeared in many films like In Old Mexico that came in the year 1930, Sunset Trial of 1939, etc. She had also acted as a guest star in many serials on television like Where’s Raymond?, Dear Phoebe, etc. Jan had also volunteered to become a receptionist at Alcoholism Center of Greater Los Angeles. It is at this center where she had received help for her issues regarding alcoholism herself. Jan died on 28th of August 1983, two days after she turned 66, after fighting a brave battle against cancer.

Irene Ryan English Actress

Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan was born on October 17, 1902.Her Birth name was Jessie Irene Noblett. Her parents were James Merritt Noblett and Catherine. She married writer Tim Ryan at the age of twenty. She started her career at the age of eleven as she won $3 for singing at a contest at San Francisco.They together worked on several shows like routine shows Dumb Dora. By the year 1930, they both started the program Tim and Irene, which was an educational picture. Later they worked several short films and feature film in the year 1936 The Jello Summer Show. By the year 1942, they both divorced. By the year 1943, she started to appear in short talkies and also in the country film O, My Darling Clementine. In 1944, she played in a B-movie Dona Drake. In 1946, she tied a knot with Harold, who was a producer. She then continued her career in motion pictures between 1940 and 1950.By the year 1955; she made her first appearance in the television series The Danny Thomas Show. She then starred in her next show The Real McCoys. In the year 1961, she appeared in Bringing Up Buddy. She then joined the CBS radio for the show The Jack Carson. After that by the year 1962, She appeared as granny in the show The Beverly Hillbillies.  The cast was booked for Bea Benader, but when she appeared as granny, she blew away all the others and took that place. In 1972, she performed her first stage musical show, Pippin, in that she sang the song "No Time At All." By the year 1965, she performed stage for a two-year contract with the hotel Sahara in Nevada. She got nominated for several awards like Emmy Award, Tony Award, etc. She lost Patricia Elliott Reputation. On April 26 she passed away as she suffered from the stroke. In the memory of her, they planned for Acting Scholarship which is to be awarded to the best actors who appear in the College Theatre Festival. The scholarship helps the students to recognise them. It was started by the year 1972.Her films include San Diego, I Love You, Blackbeard the Pirate, The WAC from Walla Walla, Spring Reunion.


Jean Hagen

Jean Hagen is popularly known for her character ‘Lina Lamont’ in the movie ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ in the year 1952. She was nominated for the category of ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in ‘Academy Awards’ for her role in the movie ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. She was nominated for the category of ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in the ‘Emma Awards’ for the series named ‘Make Room for Daddy’ in which she acted as ‘Margaret Williams’. She was born on 3rd of August, 1923, in Chicago located in Illinois as Jean Shirley Verhagen. Her father is Christian Verhagen, who was a Dutch, and her mother is Marie, who was from Chicago. When she was twelve years old they migrated to Elkhart Indiana, and she had completed her graduation from Elkhart High School. She had done her graduation in drama form ‘Northwestern’ in the year 1945 where actress Patricia Neal was her roommate. She was married to Tom Seidel on 12th June 1947. They were blessed with two children named Christine Patricia Seidel, born on 26th August 1950 and Aric Phillip Seidel, born on 19th August 1952. She started giving her shows on the radio in 1940’s by performing in the programs like ‘Light of the World’ and ‘Hollywood Story’. She appeared for the first time on stage in ‘Swan Song’. She also performed in ‘Another part of the Forest’ and ‘The Traitor’. Her first film was ‘Adam’s Rib’ released in the year 1949. In the year 1950, she had done her first lead role in the movie named ‘The Asphalt Jungle’. In 1950, she acted in the film named ‘Noir Side Street’ in which she did the character of a girlfriend. In the year 1957, she did a role in the ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ in Episode 7 of Season 3 in which she did the character of a woman who was trying to get the money back from the mine shaft. Later, in the year 1960, she appeared in an episode of the anthology series named ‘The DuPoint Snow with June Allyson as ‘Elizabeth’. She also gave the guest appearance on ‘The Andy Griffith’s Show’. In spite of making several guest appearances, she wasn’t able to act as a lead actress in the movies. In the year 1959, she appeared in a lead role in ‘The Shaggy Dog’ and since then she got opportunities to act only in the supporting roles. In 1960’s, her health began to degrade, and she started spending several days in the hospital. In the year 1976, she returned to acting with a character role in the series named ‘Starsky and Hutch’ and also in another series named ‘The Streets of San Francisco’. In the year 1977, she acted in her last TV series named ‘Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn’. She passed away on 29th of August, 1977 and was 54 years old. She died due to esophageal cancer at ‘Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital’. She was buried in ‘Chapel of the Pines Crematory’.   Another Version of this story… Jean Hagen was an American actress who was born on 3rd August 1923, in Chicago, and died on August 29 1977. She was born as Jean Shirly Verhagen. Hagen graduated from Elkhart High School at the age of 18. She went on to graduate from Northwest University, Illinois, in the year 1922 with a degree in Dramatics. Her first Broadway show appearance was with Swan Song.  She was known best for her roles in Make Room for Daddy, Singin’ In the Rain and Asphalt Jungle. Hagen was nominated for her role in Singin’ in The Rain for an Academy Award and nominated thrice for Emmy Award for Make Room for Daddy. The Asphalt Jungle in 1950, was her first opportunity to have worked with the American actor and author, Sterling Hayden. She gained a lot of praise for her role. She was a part of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Enough Rope for Two”.  Hagen got married to Tome Seidel, in 1947, and later, they got divorced. She had two children: Christine Patricia and Aric Phillip. It was reported that Hagen was a victim of domestic violence, which led to her appealing for the divorce. She lived till the age of 52, until the year of 1977 and lost her life to cancer.  After many strong roles in movies, Jean Hagen was cast for sitcoms and shows, which showed another turn of a successful path of her career. However, after a certain point, the number of offers she was getting decreased and she was left with making guest appearances on many shows.  Soon enough, her roles as starring characters slowly started dying off. She never recovered from that downfall in her career after that. She did many guest appearances and side roles in shows and films like The Shaggy Dog. She was a part of the movie, Sunrise at Campobello.     

Jean Hagen English Actress